your imagine

tell me how u look and who you want to be with on of the the boys and i will make one for u plz tell me like it if u like thx plz tell fast so i can start thx



U are invited to a party and u get ready  and u cant wait to go and u put on some skinny jeans with a shirt that has writing on that says call me and u got ready to go u go to your car and drive to the party and then your friend says come in and u  are invited to play truth or dare and when u sit u see Harry sitting next to  and he smiles at u and u smile  and u start to play and it lads on u and your friend asked u truth or dare and u say truth and she said who do i love from the band one direction and u say Harry and u look up and u see Harry smiling at u and u just blush and u say u will get someting and u get up and get water and  u go back and sit down and then they play for 5 min and then it lads on u and HARRY and then harry ask's u truth or dare  and u say truth and then he said umm ok and the he said what is your number and u are like umm ok and then u said it 056748364 p.s not real  and then he said thx and u are like umm ok your welcome and then it landed on harry but your friend ask's him and he said dare and then she dares him to kiss u and u are like what and then u look at Harry and he was smiling and he got next to u and he put his lips on yours and u stayed like that kissing till they said ok games done and Harry stoped and u say i got to and he said me 2 and then u leave and the u get a text and it said  had a great time with u today hope we can do it again and  he said enjoyed this kiss wanted to kiss u when u came from the door . then another saying meet me up at  the park at 12 noon tomorrow  and u smiled  and  u could not sleep 


hope u like it this is my best friend  

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