the wonders of magic

its about a brother and sister who never thought that the egyptian gods would be coming to there door and trying to kill them


1. a normal day went wrong

Hi, im Sadie roberts

I am 13 years old and I am a godling would you believe I never knew until about 3 months ago and this is how it happend

it all started at school I had had a good day for once (its not my falt that all the classes that i hated blew up) I came out of school and i was expecting to see my aunt Agetha and my uncle Martin waiting for me with a big bar of chocolate, but insted i found my dad Alan and my brother Stan (dont call him stanley unless he has done something wrong) waiting for me with NO chocolate bar.

"WHAT are you doing here" I shouted

"DONT EVER talk to me or your brother like that young lady!"he exclaimed

"where is my aunt and uncle and where is my chocolate bar" I demarnded

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