Finding the Forgotten Rainforest

I wrote this for a competition on the Young Writers website and I thought I would share it with you guys! The comp was to write about a place in the world using 80 words, no more, maybe less! As 80 words was extremely short, my entry was only about 4 lines. I hope you enjoy those four lines though....

Oh, by the way, I'm writing about the North Pole and a Forgotten Rainforest, it might not actually be a real place though!


1. Finding the Forgotten Rainforest

I’m an explorer. When I went to the North Pole, I made the greatest discovery. Buried underground, after an avalanche covered it in six metres of snow. Was the Forgotten Rainforest. Nobody had discovered its whereabouts until now; I’m the first one to find it after fifty two years. The trees hold up huge expanses of ice, with the tallest improvising as pillars, as you would have in a castle. Among the forest, is the Silver Dew. The rarest tree.

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