Sam is 16. Her life changed forever because of one mans sick and twisted mind? She has been kidnapped, but what the man doesn't know is that she can throw knives. It's a family tradition to learn. She tries to fend off as many people as possible and to try and save everyone. She saved josh from the man too, or has josh saved her? Are they in love or in shock? Is what happened real? Or is it a dream to conceal and protect her from her past?

And it's my first movella so it might be a little rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoy the story. :)


8. Chapter 8

No. This can't be happening today. Not today! It can't be my birthday and i couldn't have been gone two years. I feel dizzy. I drop my bag and keys to the floor.
"Samantha your back."
But I'm not. I'm not me at all. I will never be the real me again. He changed me forever. I punched that boy because I was startled. The normal me would just have let him touch my shoulder. I feel all those sharp pains again. The stabbing. All over my body.
"happy birthday. Your seventeen now."
"nothing is happy about it!"
Why would she say that now?
"it's happy for me! I got my best friend back today!"
"no you didn't! I'm not the same and I never will be!"
We're yelling now.
"that doesn't make you any less of my best friend!"
I know this, but she needs to know I'm not the same. She just wants to fight right now.
"I got kidnapped! That changes me!"
"but your still my best friend!"
"but I'm not the me that you know!"
"I know you better than anyone! You hate the color yellow, you hate it when people wear socks with sandals, you call the day before Christmas eve Christmas Adam, you hate odd numbers, you like to write with fountain pens because you think they look cool, you never eat ketchup with your French fries, and your favorite season is fall. I know so much more. You think that I don't know you. I do. I didn't get to see you for two years. Now your back and you are not going to shut me out because you think I don't know you. You got kidnapped, your back, and today is your birthday."
"get your stuff."
"because we're going to hang out."
"were ditching school?"
"you are."
I pick up my stuff and she goes and grabs her books. I head to the office. I take a seat at one of the empty secretary desks. One comes back in and starts to yell.
"you can be back here. Go back to class. Now."
I'm annoyed.
"you know me. You must. I have a shrine out there. So I was gone for a long time not being able to see my friends or family. I had to fight for me life. That's what they made us do. Fight each other. So if I want to take my friends somewhere I will. So back off!"
I start to type in the computer. Telling it that two students are excused from school today.
"well that's an interesting story you got there, but I will be telling the principle."
I continue to stare at the computer.
"not if you want knives flying sixty miles an hour at your head."
"is that a threat?!"
"no it's a warning."
I turn around in my chair.
" I will be reporting you to..."
I cut her off.
"to who? The police? No. They feel sorry for me and what happened to me. They will protect me. They know that because of me, many kids are alive. I saved them and I didn't care what happened to me. So I'm like a hero, and they will protect there hero. So as I said before, back off!"
I grab my bag and we leave the office. I stop by my shrine. I take one last look and I leave. We walk to my car.
"so what's your name?"
"I'm josh."
" are you two dating?"
We stop. Me and josh look at each other.
"you could say that."
We walk again.
"how did you guys meet?"
"well. I met her in the last two years."
"so you where there too?"
"I'm sorry."
"everyone is."
It's quiet. Natalie gets in the back. I start the car and drive away from the second hell that is my life. Natalie and josh haven't said much. Natalie is pretty much my only friend. My only friend. I know she wants to know what happened to me, but she knows better than to ask. I'm driving to the hospital. It's silent in the car. Try to be normal Samantha. Try. I can't. Not any more. It's about a five minute drive. I get out of the car. I look at my arms. I suddenly notice all these other scars. I couldn't have been there that long. Not two years! I run into the hospital. They run after me. I practically slam my chest into the desk at the front.
"where is the physiatrics wing?"
"down that hallway."
I run down there. I run into some random guys office. His name is Dr. Laminson. He looks like he is forty. He has gray and black hair, and brown eyes. He is wearing a striped dress shirt.
"ah. Samantha. I was just looking at your file. It's very interesting actually."
His office is very modern. I sit down on the black leather couch.
"how long was I gone?"
"well lets start with something more simple and work our way up to that."
"two years, but let's talk about something else."
They run in.
"Samantha you were kidnapped. I can help you."
"no. Don't you dare! Don't you ever treat me like some helpless animal! I got out of there! I'm not helpless!"
"but you need help."
"no I don't! I don't need anyone to help me!"
"calm down."
I get up and start pacing and yelling, and ranting about stuff. He presses a red button on a remote beside him. A few seconds later a male nurse walks in with a needle in his hand.
"get away from me!"
"it's alright Samantha. It will help you."
"JOSH!!!!! HELP ME!!!!"
"you idiot!!! Get away from her."
I'm wrestling with the nurse. I free my hand. I punch him with all the force I can manage. He is disoriented a little. He is mad. He comes at me with the needle. I'm fighting him.
"get away from her!!!"
Josh grabs his shoulder and spins the nurse around. He punches him in the face. The nurse falls to the ground. He is still awake but is hardly moving. I rush over to Josh's arms. He hugs me so tightly.
"Samantha he wasn't going to hurt you!"
"you ass! They injected us with all kinds of stuff when we were there!!!"
I'm clutching him so hard. The doctor is silent.
"I'm sorry. I didn't know."
"how could you not have known?! It must have been in her file!"
I stand up and slip my arms from his grip. I just walk out of the room. I think josh says one last thing but I don't hear. I missed two years of my life. They must have drugged me everyday if I don't remember. Josh and Natalie follow me. I feel numb and sick. I want to go home but not the home I have now. The home that I had before this happened.
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