Sam is 16. Her life changed forever because of one mans sick and twisted mind? She has been kidnapped, but what the man doesn't know is that she can throw knives. It's a family tradition to learn. She tries to fend off as many people as possible and to try and save everyone. She saved josh from the man too, or has josh saved her? Are they in love or in shock? Is what happened real? Or is it a dream to conceal and protect her from her past?

And it's my first movella so it might be a little rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoy the story. :)


7. Chapter 7

Im still watching the door, but I'm down stairs now. Alex made me a bowl of cereal. I still have the knife in hand. It still has the protector on it so if I did fall asleep I wouldn't give my self any unnecessary and unwanted scars. Alex is still in his pajamas. White shirt and red plaid pants. My cereal is getting soggy. Dad already went to work.
"so are you going to go to school today?"
"maybe just to check it out."
"they have a shrine. At school."
"I do?"
"yeah. It has flowers, photos, lights."
"yeah little candles that light up. There not real. We couldn't do real because of fire hazards."
"well I think I will. Maybe."
I might go. I go up stairs and change. I have a white graphic tank top and black jean shorts. I pull my necklace to the front and twirl it. I put it back under my shirt. I take the knives out of my bag. They will kill me if I bring those into the high school. I brush my teeth and hair. I pull on my old pink converse. There faded and I drew on them with sharpie. I grab my bag and keys. I head out for Josh's house. I arrive in a few minutes. I walk up to the door. I knock. Josh answers and he clearly just got out of bed. Similar pajamas to Alex.
"hey. Why you here so early?"
"how did you sleep last night?"
"I've been able to sleep for a few weeks."
That's right. I was in a coma for a month. He probably got out a day after we escaped.
"well were going to school."
I push through the door. His dad probably went to work. I had to force my dad out the door. He leads me to his room. It's clean. There is packing boxes through the house. His room is all unpacked. No boxes in here.
"were not going to classes. Well get breakfast and stuff then go to school. I want to see my friends. Remember our promise."
"I know."
I think it's a little sad that I made him promise that, but they would take his true personality and replace it with a robot one that's programmed to be mean to everyone. I sit on his bed. The sheets are blue and green. There like some kind of modern square pattern. Mine are white, light blue, and black. His walls are painted a light blue. His floor is white carpet. The whole house is carpet I assume. Except for maybe the kitchen and the bathroom.
"so where we going for breakfast?"
I don't really know.
"let's go to a pancakes house."
He opens a draw from his dresser. He just stares for a moment. His closet is parallel to his bed. He pulls out faded jeans and a faded yellow t-shirt. He holds them up for my approval.
" no."
"because yellow sucks."
He throws it back and starts looking for another shirt. He pulls out a white quarter sleeve dress shirt with a gray and black pattern. It looks cute. I walk over and look in the draw. I push some stuff around and pull out a skinny red fashion tie.
"you sure?"
"I'm a girl. It's like in our DNA to make cute outfits come together."
He and I laugh. He slips off his pj t-shirt. Why is he so comfortable to dress in front of me? His chest is covered in those scars. It doesn't seem to bother him that much. He slips the shirt on and fastens the tie around his neck. I pull the tie down a bit. He takes off his pj pants. He has black boxers on. I think I blush a little.he pulls on the faded jeans. He looks great. He sits next to me and pushes his feet into his black high tops.
"well how do I look?"
"awesome. You ready to leave?"
He grabs a black leather jacket and puts it on. For most guys this look wouldn't work, but he can surprisingly pull it off. We leave and head for my car. I drive toward "Jackie's pancakes!" They have the best food. We're there in about five minutes. We get a table and order and in no time we have our food. I got pancakes and bacon. Josh got scrambled eggs and sausage. Gross. We scarf down our food in about fifteen minutes. We hardly talk. I pay for the food and we leave.
"so are we going to just see your friends or what?"
"yes. I will go to my classes. Everyone will be excited and stuff, then we'll leave."
"ok. Cool."
School has already started. I look at the clock that's in the middle of my dash board. 11:06. We're in second period now. It doesn't take long to get there. We're here. I'm back at school. I can't wait to see everyone. We start to walk to the door. Josh grabs my hand. I'm nervous. Very nervous. I pull the big metal door open. I see the office. No one is in the hallway. I walk to the trophy case that hold the home of my shrine. There is thousands of things here. Pictures, flowers,lights that masquerade as candles, and random stuff they thought I might like. Some flowers are dead, some dying, and some waiting to die. I have the hugest smile on my face and some tears. People actually cared. They actually cared that I was gone. I wipe my tears. I start to go through the maze of hallways to find my friends. I head for English class. I want to see Natalie first. She is my best friend. I make it to English class. The door is open. The teacher is talking. I let go of Josh's hand. The teacher looks over and smiles a bit. I put my first finger to my mouth. The teacher nods and starts talking again. Me and josh walk in. Everyone gasps. Natalie is still looking at her notebook. I walk right up to her desk. She looks up. Her jaw drops open. She rushes to her feet. I'm included in her arms. Everyone stands up. Some people I kind of know hug me too. I can feel her tears on my shoulder. I cry a little my self. People start to retract. Natalie wipes her tears. It was killing me not being able to talk to her. How come no one told my friends that I was back?
"I was so worried about you. Are you ok? I missed you."
"I know I'm fine."
She slides her hands down my arms. She looks at all the scars. My tank top even shows the nasty shoulder scar. It looks like a weird spider web looking thing. Everyone is gawking at my scars. I don't know how people react to this kind of thing. I don't think anyone around here knows either because people keep saying they were worried or they missed me or thy love me.
"I can't believe your here! You where gone for two years. I couldn't stand it, not talking to you or seeing you!"
What? Two years?
"no. I wasn't gone that long."
"yes you where. Two years, three months, and twelve days."
What! This can't be happening! What!? There is no what I was gone that long.
"no I was gone for a month at most! Your wrong!"
"no I'm not. I counted each and everyday you where gone."
I feel a rush of panic pumping through my veins. I pull my arms away from her hands.
"josh tell her it was a month!"
"I don't know how long it was."
My throat is starting to close. People start to back up. My fingers are tingling. I couldn't have been gone that long. There is no way it was that long.
"no. The man. The man I killed. He said three days when I woke up."
"you killed someone?"
"yes! A few in fact! It was tree days when I woke up! He told me that! Why would he lie to me?"
"why did they kidnap you?!"
He could have lied. He could have done it to mess with me. They did have a bunch of drugs.
"Samantha it doesn't matter. Your back now."
"it does! It does matter!"
I feel someone touch my stabbed shoulder. I whip around and fling the boys hand away. I punch him in the chest and push him. He trips and fall back over a desk. He just stares at me. They rush to help the boy.
"hey Samantha. Let's go to the cafeteria."
She leads me and josh away. I know she only said that so I don't hurt anyone else. I'm so confused. I couldn't have been gone that long. It's impossible. I feel out of it. Natalie is my height and skin tone. She has short brown hair and green eyes. She has a pink tank top, a fitted jean jacket, gray leggings and blue polka dot converses. She is my best friend. She wouldn't lie to me. Why would I believe the man that tried to kill me over my best friend? I know that I am 16 years old. So I must have known that two years went by.
"what's today's date?"
"April third two thousand twelve. It's a Tuesday."
No. Today can't be April third! No.
"no! It can't be! It can't!"
It can't be. Because if it was that means I'm now 17 years old.
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