Sam is 16. Her life changed forever because of one mans sick and twisted mind? She has been kidnapped, but what the man doesn't know is that she can throw knives. It's a family tradition to learn. She tries to fend off as many people as possible and to try and save everyone. She saved josh from the man too, or has josh saved her? Are they in love or in shock? Is what happened real? Or is it a dream to conceal and protect her from her past?

And it's my first movella so it might be a little rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoy the story. :)


21. chapter 19

I am now being questioned by a doctor. he is questioning my mental health.

"do you want to kill Issac?"

"I've never wanted anything as much as I want to kill him."

He scribbles on the clipboard for what seems forever.

" You need to be in a mental hospital."

"fine. but I'm still going to watch Issac die."

They put me away in a room with close to nothing in their. How am I going to kill Issac now? I don't care so much that they put me in here. I mean I away from the world. Nothing can bother me in here. No matter what, I will kill him.

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