Sam is 16. Her life changed forever because of one mans sick and twisted mind? She has been kidnapped, but what the man doesn't know is that she can throw knives. It's a family tradition to learn. She tries to fend off as many people as possible and to try and save everyone. She saved josh from the man too, or has josh saved her? Are they in love or in shock? Is what happened real? Or is it a dream to conceal and protect her from her past?

And it's my first movella so it might be a little rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoy the story. :)


18. chapter 16

today we are going to court. i decided to wear a light blue dress with a a skinny black belt and black pumps. i'm wearing the bullet pendant i made. maybe that will help convict Isaac. he cant really get out of the mess he made. he wrote his name all over that and he was proud to be running a fight club. my dad walks in. him being him he is wearing his casual suit. 

"whats that?" he motioned to my necklace. 

"nothing." i quickly tuck it under my dress.

" you ready to leave?"

"yeah." he wants to say something more but i usher him out of my room. i grab my purse and keys and leave. 


i meet josh at the court house. flashing lights everywhere, both police and news reporters. i have a whole crowd around me. i see josh in his suit and tie and he looks so sexy. as soon as i reach him he grabs me by the waist and pulls me in for a long, passionate kiss. oh god. could i ever get used to loving him? i pull away to breath and look at him puzzled but very satisfied.

"you ready to do this?"

"i think so." the news loved our little show just now. i could hear the cameras snapping away to try and get a last glimpse of us before we head inside.

im put on the witness stand immediately. a woman starts asking all sorts of questions.   

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