Sam is 16. Her life changed forever because of one mans sick and twisted mind? She has been kidnapped, but what the man doesn't know is that she can throw knives. It's a family tradition to learn. She tries to fend off as many people as possible and to try and save everyone. She saved josh from the man too, or has josh saved her? Are they in love or in shock? Is what happened real? Or is it a dream to conceal and protect her from her past?

And it's my first movella so it might be a little rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoy the story. :)


17. Chapter 15

I ignore josh slightly and just head to English. I grab my books and we get josh registered and get him books and such. He has the same schedule as me. Are they doing that because they feel bad? So cares? Am I turning into a bitch? I walk to English with josh and Alex.  

"Alex you need to go to class."

"ok. Just be careful though."


He pulls me into is arms. There stronger and bigger than I remember. I feel safe. He pulls away and walks to class.  

"You ready?"


 "I hate mrs. Stinson. She's evil."

"She can't be that bad. Come on."

he leads me into the room. Everyone stares.

"um. Sorry I'm late." 

PICK think she winks at me. She smiles. 

"Quite alright. Take a seat Samantha. And your name is?"

"uh. Josh. Kenter."

kenter? I can't believe I didn't know his last name. That's bad. Mrs. Kenter. I like it. Compared to mrs. Alton. Kenter. It fits. Does that mean we fit together? I sure as hell hope so! 

"Well josh take a seat. We're reading a short story called flowers for algernon on page 376."

He sits next to me and opens his book. Now this feels normal. 


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