Sam is 16. Her life changed forever because of one mans sick and twisted mind? She has been kidnapped, but what the man doesn't know is that she can throw knives. It's a family tradition to learn. She tries to fend off as many people as possible and to try and save everyone. She saved josh from the man too, or has josh saved her? Are they in love or in shock? Is what happened real? Or is it a dream to conceal and protect her from her past?

And it's my first movella so it might be a little rough around the edges, but I hope you enjoy the story. :)


13. Chapter 13

Going back. I'm going back to school today. They said I don't have to. I already have all my credits. But I wanted to. I won't go all the time because school is stressful enough. My dad is driving me. I get the joy of being followed by two cops. Yay. I pull on dark skinny jeans, a green t shirt, black converse high tops, a colorful studded squares belt, gold ball earrings, and Josh's oversized black hoodie. It's so wam. I love it. I never take it off. Dad got me a new iPhone 4S. I love it. It has all my old contacts and my old number. I have 434 contacts in total. I just got them from people writing them in my year book or in library books or notes. I don't actually know that many people. But not one of them texted. I get my bag and meet Alex and dad down stairs. There is a cop standing next to Alex. Alex doesn't care for the cops. 

"Hey you ready to leave?"


alex stands close to me. Even though I yelled at dad for hiring a cop I'm kinda glad he's there. We walk outside and there is a camera and microphone everywhere I look. I guess they were trying to give me privacy and now there tired of waiting.  

"What was going through your mind?"

"how did you escape?"

" What did they do?"

every one is yelling in my face. Alex tries to get them away. 

"Hey! Back up!"

ive already had it. Now I know why celebrities hide.


Everyone goes silent but there waiting for me to say something.

"I'm blessed to have escaped, I really am. But I killed people to get out. They made us fight. I took people's lives away from them and I'm so sorry. To the families who have lost there child to that terrible man's evil and twisted mind, I'm sorry. I took your child from you. I'm so sorry. I was severely drugged, but that's not an excuse. I killed your child and I can't bring them back. That man kidnapped your child but I took there life. I'm sorry. That's all I have to say."

people are writing and filming. I take a step and they move out of the way.

"you may leave a card or a number or something. I might be willing to do an interview, but I have to go to school." 

People write quickly and hand me stacks of papers. I shove them in the inside pocket of my bag and walk to the car with Alex and dad. My neighbors are staring at all the news vans. I never really talked to my neighbors before. Who cares. I sit in the back with Alex. The cop escorts us. I wonder how people will treat me.


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