Shocking Inside Secrets & Lies

"Cheryl Foxx?" He had to be certain as he knew a lot of Cheryls. Whether it was his old school chums or work buddies, Perry knew almost everyone. Anne giggled lightly and nodded.

"Well, yea, she does live here." She then grabbed onto his arm. "C'mon let's get you a drink; you look thirsty." Perry beamed as he followed her into the kitchen.

Eighteen years ago, Lorelei's father did something stupid and it is going to smack right in his face when he finds out the consequence of this venture. Along the way, Lorelei discovers she has a younger brother and that she is falling for one of her friends


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two

February 27th 2012

"So, what you're saying is we've got time to kill before we can record our next video?" Harry raised an eyebrow after Liam told him they had a break.

"Correct. So, we can go out and-"

"See ya!" Louis exclaimed jogging out of the door. "Eleanor's doing a job so I'm going to cheer her on." Harry frowned at the mention of her name. Not that he disliked the girl, it was just that Louis went on about her pretty much all of the time. He sighed slumping back down into his seat.

"Why did we even bother coming into work?" Liam shrugged turning back his mobile typing away. The look on his face told Harry that he was texting his girlfriend. "Say, why don't we-"

"Lorelei Leigh Mallory!" Niall suddenly exclaimed rushing out of his seat. Harry turned to see his Irish band mate wrap his arms around a curly haired female. He then glanced at Liam and Zayn who looked just as confused as he did.

"Niall," she greeted in a quiet tone, "I didn't know you were working today." She did sound surprised indeed.

"Shoot! I forgot to text you." The blonde looked upset about that. "But, but what 'bout you? I've never seen you here before."

"Oh, well, my teacher went and got an interview for me. Here." She smiled sheepishly before ploughing on. "She sort of saw my songs one day and so she thought it was a prefect opportunity." Harry suddenly strolled over to them after hearing her.

"You write music; can I see a song?" This was exciting, the curly haired Cheshire lad liked to see fresh talent walk through the door. The girl looked reluctant.

"Urm, okay since my interview's in about half an hour." She rummaged through her bag. "I'm Lorelei Mallory, by the way, but everyone calls me Rory."

"Except for Nialler," Harry grinned making Lorelei laugh in agreement. She passed him a writing pad and he opened it. He was stunned to see the neatly written words on the page. "Whoa, you're really good." He looked at Niall accussingly. "Why didn't you say anything?"

"I had my reasons," the Irish lad grinned. "'Sides, Lorelei is shy when it comes to this sort of thing."

"Let's see then." Liam reached for the pad. "I'm Liam by the way."

"I know all of your names thank you. Me and one of my friends are huge fans. Well, my friend is a bigger fan than I am. But, but I've got your first album Up All Night."

"You do?" Harry grinned at her. "Which is your favourite song?" Niall shot his friend a nervous glance. Did he know something that he didn't?

"Well, I like them all but if I had to pick, I'd say Same Mistakes as it is quite catchy and it shows that your talents doesn't just lay in singing but in song writing too."

"Do you sing too?" Liam asked making Lorelei shift uncomfortably and her cheeks to colour.

"A bit but I'm not that-"

"Are you nuts?" Niall cut in excitedly. "I've heard you; you're so damn good!" Her gaze turned onto him.

"When have you heard me sing!?" Before he got to answer a woman approached us.

"Miss Mallory, Mr. Cadogan will see you now." Lorelei nodded taking her book back. She smiled at Liam.

"If you're still here, I'll let you have a look." She winked at him.

"And you'll sing for us?" Harry grinned at her. Lorelei shrugged and followed the woman. He slung an arm around Niall shoulders.

"She's cute, why don't you take her on a date?" The Irish lad moved away from Harry and shrugged heading for the door.

"I'm going for some air."

"Aw, he likes her."

"Of course, they're friends." Liam reminded him but Harry's grin merely widened.


Harry had decided to wait for Lorelei whilst Liam went to find Niall and Zayn went to fix his hair. He had decided that he liked her and that she was easy to talk to. Louis walked over to him.

"Hey, man, is Eleanor done for the day?" He nodded.

"Yea, she's gone shopping with Si Grant. He's this new model."

"Oh, how did he do?" Lorelei approached the two. "I'm his best friend and I worry for him." Louis gave her an odd look.

"Oh, this is Rory; a friend of Nialler's." Harry explained to his Yorkshire friend.

"He still replies to that nickname? I remember calling him that in primary school." She grinned lightly to herself and Louis began to laugh.

"I can picture him in his wee little uniform!" He held onto his sides as he leant forward.

"Urm, yea, he used to steal food off me after he had finished his own lunch."

"That sounds like our Nialler." Both Harry and Louis said in unison.

"Oh, I can still see him doing that. Well, my mother feeds him well when he visits."

"You don't sound Irish?"

"Nah, I'm from Manchester but I'm half Irish which is why my mother moved back there." Lorelei sighed lightly. "Where are the others, anyway?"

"Ah, they're out waiting for us." Harry replied with a light smile.

"Will they be okay? The fans..."

"Oh, they don't know about the studios so they're pretty much fine." Louis smiled reassuringly. "'Sides, there are a lot security outside."

"Shall we go, Rory? We were going for a spot of lunch anyway." Harry offered moving to grab her bag. "I'll even carry this."

"Sure, its been a while I've spoken to Niall so it'd be a great chance." Lorelei passed him the bag. "I hope its not too heavy; I tend to carry books with me all of the time. If it is, I'll just carry it myself because I hear you have back problems."

"I'll be fine," he smiled reassuringly. How many books does she need? "C'mon let's go. Liam can get pretty much impatient."


"This place looks a bit expensive." Lorelei gazed around the restaurant the boys had led her to.

"Aw, Lorelei, don't look so shocked. I've seen the place where your mum lives. Don't tell me you've never been to a restaurant before?" Niall began to fiddle with his cutlery whilst browsing through his menu. "Have you decided on what you'd like?"

"Urm, I don't think I've got enough money on me for any of this." She chewed her lip, her eyes widening in apparent fear.

"Ah, we don't mind paying." Liam smiled at her. "Right, lads?" Murmurs of agreement echoed around their table.

"But, but I wouldn't be able to pay you back." Niall placed his hand over hers and smiled.

"Not to worry, my treat. I've always wanted to pay back for all those times you'd let me eat your lunch."

"Urm, yea, but-"

"Please, Lorelei, accept it, I'm paying and that's final!" Harry and Louis both laughed.

"Aw, that's sweet!" Harry exclaimed thinking that they looked and acted like any normal couple. Lorelei gave him an odd look as Niall retracted his hand and tried to cover his face with his menu.

"That's not even funny, Harry." Liam scolded the younger male who in turn lifted up a spoon and waved it around. Harry smiled when Liam moved back looking terrified.

"I thought my friend - Sephy - was lying when she said you disliked spoons?" Lorelei blinked looking between the pair.

"N'awh, ickle Li hasn't got over his Spoonaphobia." Louis pinched the latter's cheek.

"There's no such thing," her eyes narrowed before gazing down at her menu. "Urm, the spaghetti bologneese looks good..." Niall grinned at her.

"That's her favourite dish." It was Lorelei's turn to hide behind her menu.


Harry's mouth was practically drooling when his pizza was placed in front of him. He reached over to pinch some Niall's fries only to have something wet threw in his face. He licked his lips and grinned; it was lasagne. Harry attempted to throw a slice of his pizza at the Irish lad but the pizza hit Lorelei instead.

"Harry-" Liam started but a bit of mince meat was flung into his face. Lorelei giggled from her seat.

"C'mon, Liam, lighten up!" A grin spread on his face as he grabbed a bit of pasta and launched it Louis and Zayn's way. Louis looked up from his food and bellowed;

"Food fight!" And that was it. The six teenagers began to fling food at one another, laughing as they did. That was until the manager had asked them to leave.

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