Shocking Inside Secrets & Lies

"Cheryl Foxx?" He had to be certain as he knew a lot of Cheryls. Whether it was his old school chums or work buddies, Perry knew almost everyone. Anne giggled lightly and nodded.

"Well, yea, she does live here." She then grabbed onto his arm. "C'mon let's get you a drink; you look thirsty." Perry beamed as he followed her into the kitchen.

Eighteen years ago, Lorelei's father did something stupid and it is going to smack right in his face when he finds out the consequence of this venture. Along the way, Lorelei discovers she has a younger brother and that she is falling for one of her friends


13. Chapter Twelve

{Chapter 12}


"Whose brilliant idea was it to go camping?" Liam asked as he placed the last of the bags into the back of the minivan. The weather was cold that morning and it was meant to be the beginning of Summer. Lorelei nodded towards Lucinda who was currently helping Zayn with the food. He sighed lightly; he might have guessed. "Why is she coming along?"

"She's to be our mediator or something. Go and ask her for yourself." Lorelei walked over to Louis who was cradling a bag of carrots. She gently took it from him and handed it to her mother who appeared to be grateful. The Doncaster lad pouted making her giggle. "Boy, you cost my mama a lot of dosh buyin' carrots these past few days. Dosh and carrots are hard to come by these days." Lorelei walked off to help Niall sort out the gas tank.

"Damn, my sista is a gangsta!" Harry laughed at Louis' stunned face. "That's so coool...." Lucinda looked away from Zayn and gave Harry a confused expression. Lorelei grumbled an apology to him, explaining that her friend didn't like slag. "Whoa, she's got a wiser mind ahead of her years." She nodded and turned back to Liam who was currently trying to shut the back door.

"C'mon here," she smiled lightly and, with ease, closed it with one hand which made him feel useless. "There's a certain way you must push it. Ask Niall or I since we both know how to close it." Lorelei peered over to Liam who was currently texting away on his phone. "Say, Li, why don't you invite Danielle along? I'd like to meet her." He visibly stiffened at the mention of his girlfriend. Actually that should be...

"No, I'm seeing if Billie's on his way. Dani and I are not seeing each other anymore." When she grinned, Liam frowned deeply. "What? You're giving me a strange look..."

"Louis told me about your date. I like Billie, he's really pretty isn't it?" He felt his cheeks heat up at the notion just as a car pulled up. Billie stepped out of the car wearing shorts that came up above his thighs and a plain white t-shirt. White pumps covered his tiny feet and his hair was unkempted as though he had just gotten out of bed. Liam could have sworn he felt his heart start up as soon as he turned away.

"It wasn't like that," he whispered, afraid that his little secret would get out. He watched as Lorelei ran over to greet Billie.

"Whoa! Looking cute, darling," she exclaimed as Louis and Harry rushed over to greet him. Lucinda introduced herself and Billie politely did the same.

"It is splendid to meet you, William." She smiled lightly. Billie contemplated of correcting her but he felt that she wouldn't listen to that. "I love your shorts, by the way. Where did you get them?"

"Hold the phone!" Louis exclaimed in shock. "When I look at you, my head screams celebrasy." Lorelei giggled at this and ruffled the eldest's hair.

"Looks can be so distracting. Lucy has monthly one night stands. On those nights, she would wear things like that." Liam mentally agreed with Louis. It was hard to picture Lucinda in such things. His eyes glided over to Zayn who was staring at her. Liam knew that look. He had seen the way Harry gazed longingly after Louis and, just recently, the way Lorelei and Niall looked at one another.

"That's me, but I do use protection." Liam believed that Lucinda added the protection bit to satisfy Lorelei's mother. He would have guessed that anyway with her straight forward attitude. Lucinda, although she had a reckless life style, was sensible enough to know how to look after herself. "Living by myself can be rough."

Liam shot Lorelei an odd look. She mouthed something along the lines of 'I'll tell you later' and turned back to compliment Billie's outfit. This made Liam stare at the older boy's long legs in awe.

"Let's get going!" Louis cheered sitting in the drivers' seat. They had all agreed to take it in turns to drive (those who could) the van. That way everyone got a rest as it were. Louis went first because he was the eldest but Lorelei was somewhat afraid of this. Liam had to point out that it was Louis who drove them home after Harry got drunk.

"Did he? I couldn't remember that." From the front seat, Louis smirked at her as he turned on the engine. He liked that he was still full of surprises.

"Yep, I even made sure you were secure enough before I drove. You two looked sweet when you fell asleep. Like two curly-arsed twins!" Here, Lorelei and Harry both went red at the comment. How was they suppose to know that Louis would compliment them?

"Less talk, more driving." Billie more suggested than demanded. He wasn't a fan of bossing others around and this just proved it. The Italian turned to notice that Liam was giving him an intense look. The two turned away, their faces colouring. Louis began to sing as he drove away from Julienne's house.

"We're going on a camping trip. Hip, hip hooray! We're going on a camping-"

"Quiet!" The others giggled at his attempt at singing camping songs. Louis, however, grinned at them and continued to sing.


"We need to pitch the tents!" Lucinda announced, clapping her hands together. "Now, I've assigned who will be sharing with who since there's only three tents." This was answered by a collective groan except for Louis who seemed to be messing around a tent pole. "Right, Louis," she took the pole off him, "you shall be with Liam and Zayn."

The two groaned at this. They knew how hyper Louis could get and, from what Harry had told them, he could be a right handful at night. "Next," Lucinda continued, ignoring the boys, "We shall have myself, Rory and William. Then that would leave..." She trailed off looking directly at the Irishman and Harry with a polite smile. "Well, let's get pitching!"

"Urm," Billie tugged at Lorelei to whisper in her ear, "How do you pitch a tent? I've never been camping before." Lorelei smiled at him and said that she would show him how its done. Harry's sister then looked over to Louis to find him enthaustically picking up random poles and sticking them together. Liam looked on edge and Zayn was quietly getting his head around the instructions. Lorelei then turned to her brother and Niall who both seemed to be having quite a lot of fun. Sure, they were doing things properly but they were creaking a few jokes.

"Rory," Lucinda snapped the latter out of her reverie. "Instead of gazing dreamily at your boyfriend, help us do this tent, 'kay? You've been camping before so I need your expertise." That was when Lorelei had just realised; Lucinda had never been camping before. It was probably because she was bought up in a children's home and she never got adopted. There was a time when her father was fostering and Lucinda came to live with them. That was how the two met. They didn't get on at first though mainly because of their different upbringings. Lorelei came from a rather large (too large), rich family whereas Lucinda had no one but a mean old social worker who didn't really care about her.

It was funny that when the two met at high school once more, that they just clicked. It might have been their hobbies; writing, reading and rounders that the two became the best of friends. Lorelei had already known Simon through primary school when she moved back to Manchester. A move triggered by her mother's depression getting much worse. Her older sister stayed behind, stating that their mother needed to be cared for. Lorelei couldn't understand at all since she was only seven at the time. Percy and her father had tried to explain but all she got was that her mother was very ill.

At least her mother was much happier now. She even got married for the second time after divorcing Perry. Lorelei knew that her father still loved her mother but wasn't quite ready to admit or let go of the past.

Sighing, she strolled over to Lucinda and Billie, giving them soft instructions on how to pitch the tent. Needless to say, that they were finished first (closely followed by Harry and Niall). Lorelei went to help Liam and Zayn, instructing Louis to go cuddle Harry or something. Which he did, cuddle Harry that was.

"Now," Lucinda smirked as soon as the last tent was pitched. She had a list in her hand, indicating to both Harry and Lorelei that she already planned activities for them to do. "Later we shall be doing some camp songs." Here she looked over to the One Direction boys and Lorelei. "Aren't we lucky that we have good singers with use?" The question was directed at Billie and Lorelei knew it. "But, firstly we need to gather a few things. Such as firewood and maybe we'll get some fishing in."

"Luc, we already have the food so we don't need to fish." Lorelei pointed out to her friend. Lucinda hm'ed before stuffing the list in her pocket. Her face full of concentration.

"Okay, for that we have our first volunteer to collect the wood. Thank you, Lorelei." She forged a rather large grin across her lips as Harry let out a groan. He felt sorry for his half-sister. "You can go with Harold since the two of you have to bond. Niall and Louis can sort out the food. Just keep the carrots away from him." Briefly, Lorelei was confused until she remembered earlier when she had to prize the carrots from Louis's hands. Letting out a small giggle, she grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him towards the wooded area.

"I've been camping in this area before so I know where the drier wood is." She smiled as she led him through the trees. He assumed that she actually loved to camp. An imagine of her and Niall snuggling by the fire came into his mind.

"Does Niall go camping with you too?" Lorelei affirmed it with a nod as she knelt down at a pile of branches and ran a hand along them. Harry knelt down beside her and looked at her with at frown.

"I'm checking to see if they're dry, Harold. My granddad taught me how to when he used to take Niall and I camping. He and my father use to argue over who was cooking and they often make it a race when we pitched out tents." She handed him a thin looking branch. "Here, you try it." Harry looked at the piece of wood before running a hand along it. "Imagine it being Louis' 'little man' and see if he's leaking." His cheeks went bright red when she said that.

"Rory!!" He spluttered in embarrassment as his own little man reacted to a dirty imagine of Louis popping into his mind. His sister was so dirty minded at times. Lorelei giggled softly as she picked up a few more branches. Then a thought popped into his head. "How 'bout imagining one of those had blonde pubes?" He smirked as she dropped them.

"Harold Edward Styles!" She squealed as he shouted, "Lorelei Leigh Mallory!" There was a pause before the two burst out into a fit of giggles. Lorelei pulled her brother into a cuddle.

"You're lucky that I love you or else I'd have kicked you in the privates." Harry chuckled as the two went to collect the wood once more.


"Niall, just tell me where they put them," Louis pouted as he routed through the basket once more. "Come on or I'll burn your Never Say Never poster." The blonde sighed at this but appeared to not budge.

"Liam and Lorelei hid them so go ask them." He was currently sat on a deck chair tuning his guitar. Zayn was inside of his tent whilst Liam, Lucinda and William were currently having a heated discussion. Niall and Louis were in on it but back out as soon as it got seriously boring for them. "I'm thinking about doing some camp songs. What do you think?"

"Do Hero!" Louis exclaimed twirling around his Irish friend. "I want to sed... serenade Hazbear." The blonde smirked slowly shaking his head.

"You two don't share a tent remember? I'm sure Lucy will be on guard so you won't be able to sneak into our tent. Sorry Lou." Louis sighed before going into the tent that he shared with Zayn and Liam.

"Vas happenin', Lou?" The Bradford lad asked when he saw Louis enter the tent. The oldest male smiled at Zayn, knowing what he could do.

"I think you should take Luc on a midnight stroll later. We packed touches and everything." The other male raised an eyebrow when Louis said that.

"What are you planning?" His friend grinned innocently at Zayn and reached out to ruffle his hair but the Bradford lad ducked before he could.

"Its a mere suggestion since you like her." Zayn said nothing but lay down against his sleeping bag, blinking up at the tent's roof. "Come on, Zayyyyyyyynnnnnnnn," Louis whined making the latter cringe.

"Fine, I'll ask her that later. Now leave me alone." Satisfied, Louis left the tent and skipped around Niall once more. His Irish friend chuckled lightly as he continued to tune his guitar. It was going to be a long night.


"These marshmallows are sexy!" Louis squealed through another mouthful of the tasty treat. They were currently sat around the campfire that Harry and Lorelei had prepared about an hour ago. It was dark now and they had decided to roasted some marshmallows that Julienne had packed along with the food. Her daughter was now munching on a caramelised marshmallow watching Louis with an amused smirk. Boy, he was hyper.

"Not too loud, Lou, you'll scare the wildlife around here." She giggled in amusement watching him dance around the fire. It was almost tribe-like.

"Welcome to the Direction tribe!" He hallowed making everyone laugh except for Liam and Lucinda who looked on in awe. "Let me introduce the chief of the tribe," he moved over to Liam trying to pull him out of his seat. "Liam James Payne aka Daddy Direction!" Liam struggled in Louis' grip as the older boy tried to get him of his seat.

"Louis, let go of me!" Liam wiggled in the latter's grip before he gave up and moved on. Louis wrapped his arms around Lorelei's shoulders with a grin.

"Here we have Lorelei Leigh Mallory aka The Karaoke Queen!" The latter giggled lightly kissing his cheek before his moved onto Niall. Ruffling his blonde hair, Louis began to sing. "This is Niall James Horan; the King of Karaoke. His queen's words not mineeeeee." Lorelei's felt her cheeks heat up as she playfully hit Louis.

"Is that so?" She grinned at him. "Here we have Louis William Tomlinson aka the Chief Mischief Maker; every tribe needs one after all." She winked at him as he wrapped his arms around her.

"Don't forget Prankster too." Lorelei giggled at him.

"You haven't seen nothing yet, Mr Tomlinson." She smirked, kissing his cheek. "Well, I'm going to bed so I'll see you losers in the morning." She stood up, kissed Niall on the lips before skipping towards the tent. "Just so you know, Niall isn't a loser!" She stuck her tongue out at them before disappearing into the tent. Louis dramatically placed a hand over his heart.

"Boo, she's gone." Harry told his boyfriend, trying to hold in his laughter. His twitching lips was a sign that he wanted to. "I'm going to sleep now so don't do anything stupid, okay?"


Once everyone disappeared to bed, it was only Zayn and Lucinda outside. He continuously glanced over to the red head who was reading a novel she had bought along with her. How she could see in the dark amazed him since he could barely see her.

"Say, have you ever walked through woods underneath the moonlight?" Lucinda looked up from her book and glanced over to Zayn, chewing her lip. She shook her head, not trusting her voice. Probably. "Would care to join me for a midnight walk?" He held up a touch that was on the ground beside him. Louis had it left before going into their tent. He said 'it would come in handy' and winked before retiring.

"Um, sure. I've read this book several times now." The red head rose from her seat and smiled at him. "So, where are we walking tonight?"


Louis was watching from the entrance of his tent and smirked when he watched Lucinda follow Zayn through the woods. He then slid out of the tent and crept over to Harry and Niall's tent. He unzipped the entrance and stepped inside. First off all, he woke up his Irish friend who smiled up at Louis. "Go to Lorelei's tent, okay? Ask Billie to go my tent," he whispered with his own smile.

"You want Harry to yourself? You horny dog," he responded quietly with a little chuckle as he got out of this sleeping bag. "He's all yours," Niall patted the older male on the shoulder and left the tent. Louis had to laugh since the blonde hadn't bothered to change out of his clothes. He crouched in front of Harry and leaned down, kissing the younger male's lips. Blinking, Harry woke up to see a grinning Louis. That little-

"Guess what, Hazza? I'm here to rock your world!" He chuckled at how cheesy his boyfriend was being before unzipping his sleeping saying 'come and show me how you're going to do that' with a wink.


Billie hated to be woken up from his sleep. It was the only time he could think about his family back in Italy. He stared, or glared as his intruder put it, up at Niall with a frown.

"I was sleeping," he grumbled in irritation. Niall pressed a finger against the Italian's lips before nodding to a sleeping Lorelei.

"I just wanna cuddle with my girlfriend. Why don't you go to Liam's tent? I'd suggest mine but I left a horny Louis in there." Billie near enough gagged when he heard that. The twenty year old couldn't keep it in his pants could he? Neither could Niall it seemed.

"Fine, just don't let Lucy catch you. I hear her bite is nastier than her bark." The Italian got up and left the tent. Smiling, the Irish man went over to Lorelei and gently woke her up with a kiss. Nobody except for Liam and Billie got any sleep that night.


Chapter 12 Notes:

So, what does everyone think? Sorry if this chapter lacked in camping knowledge since I've never been before -,- I mean I kinda have been camping when we went to Wales with my grandparents. There weren't room in their caravan so I slept in a tent, I loved although it was a long time ago *giggles*

So tell me what you think okay? I hope I've left you wondering about our couples and there might be a little surprise in store in the coming chapters we shall see ;) Also, I'm not sure how long I want this to be yet so tell me what you want to happen and I'll be sure to dedicate/add you in the story okay? ;) Just comment here, send me a message or send me an inbox :D

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