Shocking Inside Secrets & Lies

"Cheryl Foxx?" He had to be certain as he knew a lot of Cheryls. Whether it was his old school chums or work buddies, Perry knew almost everyone. Anne giggled lightly and nodded.

"Well, yea, she does live here." She then grabbed onto his arm. "C'mon let's get you a drink; you look thirsty." Perry beamed as he followed her into the kitchen.

Eighteen years ago, Lorelei's father did something stupid and it is going to smack right in his face when he finds out the consequence of this venture. Along the way, Lorelei discovers she has a younger brother and that she is falling for one of her friends


14. Chapter Thirteen

{Chapter 13}

=] Harry's POV [=


I woke up to an uncertain pain in my lower back and talking outside. I also noted that I was butt naked underneath my sleeping bag as I tried to remember the night before. My face heated up when the gory details flashed into my mind. Oh my God! Louis and I had-

"Good Morning Hazza!" Speaking of the devil... I opened my eyes to find a drenched through Louis entering the tent. What the hell happened to him? My boyfriend - heh, that is still weird to say - grinned before diving towards me. I quickly moved to the side making him crash onto the ground. When I rolled, though, the sleeping bag somehow opened and exposed my naked body to the tent and Louis. I felt my cheeks heat up as I scrambled up to find my jeans. I then felt something or someone slap my naked arse cheek.

"Louis!" I shouted, my cheeks still burning in embarrassment. To make it more horrifying, my boyfriend - heh - laughed at my reaction.

"Just reminding you that I own your butt now." He winked pulling off his drenched clothes. What the hell? Not again, Louis. He sneezed suddenly and laughed again. "I think I shouldn't have gone for a run in the rain earlier. I couldn't help it though since I'm happy." He grinned as I rolled my eyes. Louis could be adorable when he wanted to be.

"Boys, we have to leave soon because Lucy is impatient when it comes to-" Shite! Lorelei was standing at the tent entrance her face paler than usually. Her eyes roamed over my naked back (I was turned away from the entrance) and then over to Louis' semi-naked state. "Ew!" I heard her grimace in disgust. "Didn't you have enough last night?" What about last night? I looked over to a grinning Louis. Oh, yea no wonder he was pleased as punch.

"As much as it tempts me, what with his sexy naked arse in front of me." He wiggled his brows suggestively at me, making my cheeks heat up. He was doing that on purpose. "Actually I thought it was a good idea to run out in the pouring rain."

"And you think why we're behind schedule." Lorelei muttered before disappearing from the tent. Louis grinned at me before diving forward. I didn't have time to move before I realised I was on my back with my boyfriend hovering above me. That still sounded strange in my head.

"You know we might have time for a quick one." Louis breath entered my ear as one of his hands wrapped itself around my - down there and started to pumped. Oh my god! I let out a groan as I felt my member twitching in anticipation. Boy, he really knew how to excite. As soon as he started though, he finished. I gasped as Louis let go and pulled on some fresh clothes looking down at me. "See you outside, Haz." He disappeared, another sneeze leaving his lips. Wait a moment! I quickly pulled on some clothes and followed him screaming;

"You can't leave me with a hard on!"


"Oh my god, I'm scarred for life!" Lorelei exclaimed when we arrived back at the Cadogan-Fletcher household. Her mother was standing at the front door to greet us and tilted her head in confusion when she said that.

"What did you boys do to scar my daughter for life?" Julienne turned to the boys and I her face crunching up in disgust. She reminded me of my mother when she got angry at Gemma's ex boyfriend.

"She walked in on something she shouldn't have." Liam replied with a deep frown making Julienne turn on him.

"What did you do to my daughter, Liam Payne?" Her accent was now full blown Irish which would have made me chuckle if it wasn't for the fact her face wasn't as pretty now. To think this good looking older woman could have been my step-mother once upon a time. Heh! Liam held his up in surrender and nodded towards Louis and I.

"She walked on them two." I glanced around to find that Niall and Lorelei were no longer around which made this situation even more difficult. This was when she looked at us two making me flinch. Louis could surprisingly control himself because he was pretty good at acting.

"Boys," she sighed her anger melting away, "Let me give you some advise. Never have sexual intercourse in the middle of nowhere. Especially if there's a possibility of picking up parasites and other ungodly things." This was when Louis sneezed again. Zayn took it upon himself to tell her and remind the rest of us of his activity earlier that day. Rolling her eyes, she did something really motherly to a boy she barely knew. Julienne reached over and placed her palm upon his forehead.

"Oh, dear, you're burning up. Let's get you inside before you-" She was cut off by Louis who had fainted and fell towards her. Liam and I was quick to catch him before she was crushed. "Thanks. Now you boys take him inside and into the guest bedroom. Oh, and Harry, after that I advise you to stir clear for a while. You might catch it." I didn't know what to say about that as Liam and I pulled Louis into the house.


"Whoa! My mother has certainly got you boys trained." Bella chuckled at Liam and I as we entered the den. When did she get here? Suddenly a pair of arms wrapped around my legs making me look down. "Bobby we don't do favouritism remember?" The latter merely giggled and tightened his arms.

"Bella, Harold's enchanted him there's nothing that can be done." Lorelei said looking up from her computer. It looked like she had Twitter open. "Something tells me you should look at what people are putting on here." What? Gently removing Bobby from my legs, I walked up to her computer and looked at Tweets on there.

@Sephy_McLeod: @Rory_Mallory @Lucinda_Barnes I think that @Harry_Styles & @Louis_Tomlinson are cute together! Total nose bleed @.@

@SiGrant_: @Sephy_McLeod I was eating my cheerios and now I can't thanks to you. Well off with @EleanorJCalder

@PercyWMallory: @Sephy_McLeod My feeds full of #Larry tweets now. Boss is unhappy

Those tweets actually made me laugh. I made a mental note to meet their friend Sephy one day. She seemed nice. My smiled soon faded though as some other nastier tweets flooded through.

@[twitter name goes here]: @Louis_Tomlinson & @Harry_Styles shouldn't be 2gether. Its disgustin'!

That had hurt me really bad. A lump formed inside of my throat. Lorelei began to type furiously.

@Rory_Mallory: @[insert twitter name here] Learn to buy a dictionary idiot! No one bullies my brother and gets away with it *angry face*

@PercyWMallory: @Rory_Mallory Right on sister!

"Rory, you didn't have to put that." She looked up from her computer with an innocent expression.

"Put what? Anyway, I can't believe the shite they put on Twitter." I then turned back to the screen as three more tweets popped up.

@Real_Liam_Payne: @Rory_Mallory Why can't I have a caring sister like you? You're amazing!

@zaynmalik: @Real_Liam_Payne @Rory_Mallory does classify you as her bro, dude

@OfficialNiall: @Rory_Mallory This is the lady I have grew up with. #GoRory - trend it!

"Niall!" Lorelei called as she saw the last tweet, her cheeks heating up. "I don't want strangers to-" She cut off as she glanced at her feed and watched as the number of her followers went up. "I've got more Directioners following me now."

@SiGrant_: #GoRory Indeed! :D

@Sephy_McLeod: Woo! #GoRory you're so awesome, hon ;')

@PercyWMallory: #GoRory That's my sister folks ;)

@Lucinda_Barnes: #GoRory What a beautiful feed I see on my phone @Rory_Mallory

@OfficialNiall: @Lucinda_Barnes It is, isn't it? #GoRory

@Real_Liam_Payne: Just followed @Sephy_McLeod she seems nice. Also #GoRory!

@zaynmalik: @Rory_Mallory & @Lucinda_Barnes are two beautiful ladies ;) #GoRory

"Niall," Lorelei breathed angrily not noticing Zayn's tweet. "I'm going to kill you!" She shot up out of her sit and dived on the blonde smothering him in kisses. Whilst she did that I logged into my Twitter account and noticed that #GoRory was the top trend. Laughing I went onto Lucinda, Sephy and Simon's accounts to follow them, I managed to find Percy's account too and hit follow.

@Harry_Styles: #GoRory @Rory_Mallory Ladies and gentlemen my sister from the same mister ;)

"Harry's at it now," Bella laughed looking down at her phone. "My twitter feed's going crazy. Oh, Rory and her friends have gained more followers where's mine, eh?"

@BellsAreRinging_: #GoRory So proud of my sister @Rory_Mallory You tell them girl!

I laughed and hit follow on her profile. I smiled when I saw the profile picture was of her and the boys. It was adorable.

@Harry_Styles: @BellsAreRinging_ Lovely profile pic & nice username ;) #GoRory

I had a feeling things would get so much madder after this. How right I was because Billie walked into the room, phone in hand.

"Guys, we're being summoned by the management. We're going back to London in two days because of Louis." I had a feeling what this was about; my relationship with Louis and the feed on Twitter. I was surprised that site hadn't crashed yet.

@Real_Liam_Payne: Management in two days; I hope to a Twitcam soon with @Italys_Baby

I was confused by the Twitter pen hand before clicking and spotting that it was Billie. His profile picture was of him and two attractive blonde women. It looked like they were having fun.

"That's Vicky and Helen; my room mates. The poor girls believe I'm a girl despite me telling them." He chuckled when he saw my inquisitive stare. He was scrolling on his phone and was his Tweet was the last I saw that day;

@Italys_Baby: @Real_Liam_Payne Oh sì, it shall be magnifico! ;)




The Twitter links/accounts are fake except for the boys. Just saying since its partly fictional ^^

Also, I wish Billie was real since he's so cute! XD Also, he tweeted 'Oh yes, it shall be magnification!' I don't do fluent Italian *hugs translator* I love modern technology! :D

Chelsea Leigh xx

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