Shocking Inside Secrets & Lies

"Cheryl Foxx?" He had to be certain as he knew a lot of Cheryls. Whether it was his old school chums or work buddies, Perry knew almost everyone. Anne giggled lightly and nodded.

"Well, yea, she does live here." She then grabbed onto his arm. "C'mon let's get you a drink; you look thirsty." Perry beamed as he followed her into the kitchen.

Eighteen years ago, Lorelei's father did something stupid and it is going to smack right in his face when he finds out the consequence of this venture. Along the way, Lorelei discovers she has a younger brother and that she is falling for one of her friends


8. Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven

March 1st 2012

[Niall's POV]

I leaned back in the chair, running a hand over my stomach and burped. Greg and Lorelei laughed hardly at me. She poked me.

"You pig." She grinned with a soft giggle. Dear Lord, why did you place a such a gorgeous girl in front of me? Really, she was truly beautiful. Greg grinned at me.

"Thinking hard there, Nialler?" I blinked at him and felt my cheeks go red. My friend smiled prettily at me.

"That nowt wrong with that," she reached forward and ruffled my hair. Innocent touches like that was never good for me. She didn't know that I had feelings for her. "That's what I love about this Blondie." I looked at her. Love. I'm sure she meant it as friends, not something deeper.

"Aw, should I leave you love birds to it?" Greg teased with a grin, standing up. "I'm sure Julie would like some company," he added wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Lorelei playfully hit him around the head.

"Keep your mitts off my mother, mister, she's a married woman."

"I know that but I could be her toy boy lover." He winked at her. She then grabbed him and pulled him into a headlock ruffling his hair. He yelped. "Nialler, help me. She's going to kill me!" I laughed at him.

"Sorry, mate, I'm not getting involved." I was laughing so that I ignored my phone ringing until I heard Lorelei's ring. She let go of my brother who sprinted out of the den. She reached for her phone and frowned down at the screen. I wondered who it was as she answered it.

"Harold," she greeted. I frowned wondering what he wanted. "Skype? Yea, I've got. In fact, I can log in now." Lorelei nodded to as if asking for me to turn on her laptop for her. I obeyed. "Right, my Skype is..." She trailed of relying her address for him. "Oh, yea, I can do video calls. Are you sure you don't to discuss this on the phone?" Discuss what? She ran a hand through her hair and nodded. "I see, its just that Nialler's here and... Oh! If you're sure that's alright? Okay." She set her phone aside.

"He said you can listen if you'd like?" She smiled at me, sitting down at her computer. Lorelei was a whiz at using computers even I was amazed everything she used one. Suddenly Harry appeared on the screen, smiling like a mad man. His dimples were clearly on show. Now that I thought about it, there was someone else who could grin like that and she was the girl of my dreams.

Harry's smile didn't last long though. In fact, it morphed into something troublesome. Lorelei matched his expression and I shivered. The two did look alike; it was extremely freaky.

"So, what'sup?" She asked him, pulling me down into the seat next her. I forgot that she loathed people standing when she was sitting down. "You sounded troubled on the phone."

"Well, I went to drop off your stuff at the hotel and..." He trailed off, obviously hesitating. Harry licked at his lips nervously. "Look, it turned out that my mum wanted to stay there and, well, the two know each other." Weird. Lorelei frowned.

"Really? I don't think my dad's mentioned that before and he's seen your mum on the television." Perry was always secretive about his past and Lorelei seemed to respect that.

"Yea, well, after some talking my mum forced me into doing a DNA test." What? "I don't know how to word this but your dad and my mum had a one night stand around eighteen years ago."


Eleanor sighed falling back onto the bed, pulling the blonde with her. A dreamy smile danced over her lips as reached forward. She loved to run her hands through his hair.

"I don't think Louis told him." That make her stop. Harry's reaction was, well, odd. Louis promised that he would tell him. Eleanor sat up and sighed.

"Simon, do you think I should tell Harry myself?" He looked at her and frowned.

"If it were me, I'd support Louis when he tells his friend." The male model frowned; this wasn't him talking. "Man, I sound like Rory." Eleanor wiggled her eyebrows at him.

"Don't mention an exes name around your current flame." Simon chuckled lightly.

"Well, we're mentioning yours." She pulled him forward and kissed his lips.

"How about less talk and more action?" He smiled and kissed her again.




:o If you've guessed this, then you are clever indeedy ;) About Eleanor and Simon that is ^^;

I put it in Niall's prospective because I was slightly bored of 3rd person. At least we know his feelings for Lorelei now ;D

I wonder what Louis will say to his Haz when he comes back to London? Will Niall and Lorelei ever kiss? What will the results (of the DNA test) come back as? Positive? Negative? You know what to do, wait for the next instalment of SISaL!

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