Shocking Inside Secrets & Lies

"Cheryl Foxx?" He had to be certain as he knew a lot of Cheryls. Whether it was his old school chums or work buddies, Perry knew almost everyone. Anne giggled lightly and nodded.

"Well, yea, she does live here." She then grabbed onto his arm. "C'mon let's get you a drink; you look thirsty." Perry beamed as he followed her into the kitchen.

Eighteen years ago, Lorelei's father did something stupid and it is going to smack right in his face when he finds out the consequence of this venture. Along the way, Lorelei discovers she has a younger brother and that she is falling for one of her friends


2. Chapter One

Chapter One

February 23rd 2012

Lorelei checked the time once more and then looked up the stairs. Her father was going to be late for work at this rate.

"Dad! It's seven-thirty, hurry or you'll be late." She sighed running her hands through the curly-mop that she had inherited off the man in question. Sure, being poked fun at for your hair was reassuring. She had tried everything to stop it fizzing up but had no such luck. Her parents had encouraged her not to fuss and leave it to fade naturally but so far nothing. Her father came running down the stairs.

"Rory get on your bike and go ahead. No buts," she hated it when her father could read her like that. "I know for a fact that your friends are waiting for you." Lorelei pressed her lips together and went through the front door. Closing it behind her, she sighed strolling over to her bicycle. Her father had to be at his worst during the mornings. It was probably the fact that he still wanted to sleep. She didn't get him at times but who did? He lived for his job and children. Lorelei lived for her family and friends. The fact that she went to college was something she considered as a luxury.

She sighed once more and mounted her bike. She left behind her house and cycled to college. Lorelei liked this mode of transportation for the rush of adrenaline that came with it.


The journey took over an hour but it was worth it because Lorelei felt better for it. She knelt down to chain up her bike as her three friends approached her.

"Morning, douchebags." She beamed storing her bike key into her pocket. Persephane made a fake gasp and playfully hit her friend.

"How dare you call me that? I am insulted." She placed her hand over her chest to say that it had hurt her heart. Lucinda and Simon laughed at their friends' antics. This happened every morning. Lorelei looked at him and pouted.

"A little birdy told me that you landed a modelling job." Simon raised an eyebrow;

"And who might this birdy be, eh?"

"Well, he's Irish, put it that way." Her mother lived in Ireland and Lorelei would often visit. It was there that she befriended Niall Horan before he auditioned for the X Factor but she didn't tell her friends that. Of course if she did, Lucinda and Persephane would bombard her with so many questions.

"When are we going to meet this Irish friend of yours? Even more, I often wonder what his name is." Lucinda folded her arms across her chest. Yea, Lorelei knew she should have said a random Irish name to keep her friends at bay. But, being a terrible liar, she couldn't do that.

"Urm, about that-" She was cut off by Simon slapping her back.

"Aw, I'm sure we'll meet him soon in the future." He grinned happily. That was Persephane turned to him.

"So, Si, I thought models were the spawn of evil?" He went slightly red in the cheeks.

"I got scouted when I went to London to visit my sister." He fiddled with the end of his shirt. "Cynthia dragged me to audition after ward. Now, I have to go down next half term to model with Eleanor Calder." Persephane squealed.

"Eleanor Calder as in the girlfriend of Louis Tomlinson?"


"Dude," Lucinda smirked, "He's from One Direction. I thought you knew that with these two. So, you're working with Holister, hey?" He nodded and Persephane wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I always knew you were handsome!" She kissed his cheek several times and Simon wiggled to get out of the embrace. "Now, all you have to do is charm Eleanor so Rory and I can have an audience with 1D, okay?" He gave her a sour look.

"I'm not that charming, Sephy." Lorelei frowned. Now she was glad that she didn't tell her friends about Niall. Knowing her blonde haired friend, she would want a meeting with them. Simon slid out of the latter's embrace and smoothed a hand through his hair. "Excuse me, I need to get to class. Rory, you coming?" She nodded frowning sympatically at Lucinda before moving towards her building.


Lorelei sighed dreamily as her and Simon headed towards the door for morning break. That was when their tutor approached them. Bernadette Hansen was in her early thirties and Lorelei's favourite teacher. The older woman cared equally for her students and did everything in her power to get them to take advantage of their abilities.

"Lorelei, is it possible if I had a word with you?" Wordlessly, she glanced at Simon who was currently typing away on his phone. Lorelei jabbed him in his ribs.

"Ow! That hurt, Rory." He rubbed at the wounded area, his expression pained. "I'll be waiting outside, 'kay?" With that he closed the door behind him. Lorelei turned back to her teacher who was grinning like a chester cat.

"So, what's this about, Bernadette?"

"Well, I got you an interview in London." She clasped her hands together obviously pleased with herself. Lorelei didn't know what to say. Sure, she had wanted a job but this was a bit too much. "I know what you're thinking but as your tutor, I thought I'd help you." Bernadette picked up a sheet of paper. "This has the details of your interview. I hope you can make your own way down to London." She beamed at Lorelei. "I recommended you after seeing your songs. I'm sure Sony Music will earn a valuable member of the team."

"Sony Music?" Lorelei managed looking down at the sheet. She knew who worked there and which artists were signed there. One of them were...

"That's right, I'll be so proud if you get the job. Now, off you go to break."

Lorelei immediately told Simon about the interview. The first thing he did was hug her and give her a sloppy kiss on the lips.

"That is great news! We can go there together."

"Hm. About that, my dad's got to down there for a trail run. You know the promotion I told you about the other day." Her friend merely nodded.

"I remember. And when I say we I mean your dad too. This is gonna be so awesome!"

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