Shocking Inside Secrets & Lies

"Cheryl Foxx?" He had to be certain as he knew a lot of Cheryls. Whether it was his old school chums or work buddies, Perry knew almost everyone. Anne giggled lightly and nodded.

"Well, yea, she does live here." She then grabbed onto his arm. "C'mon let's get you a drink; you look thirsty." Perry beamed as he followed her into the kitchen.

Eighteen years ago, Lorelei's father did something stupid and it is going to smack right in his face when he finds out the consequence of this venture. Along the way, Lorelei discovers she has a younger brother and that she is falling for one of her friends


15. Chapter Fourteen

{Chapter 14}

"I've tried playing it cool,

But when I'm looking at you,

I can ever be brave,

'Cos you make my heart race." - One Thing by One Direction

=] Liam's POV [=

I frowned as it took forever for my Twitter feed to load up. It didn't crash, did it? I glanced over to Lorelei who was currently tidying up the den for a movie night. It was a shame that Louis was tucked up in bed with a fever. Julienne had to reassure Harry that he was going to be okay. Ah, I got why the fans loved Larry Stylinson so much. It was truly magnificent. I smiled glancing back at my phone seeing that Twitter had righted itself once more.

@Sephy_McLeod: OMG! @Real_Liam_Payne has followed me - happy days. First a phone call from @Louis_Tomlinson and now this xx

"Rory, your friend Sephy is quite funny. She sounds like Louis," I said chuckling my head off. Lorelei looked up from the DVD shelf and towards me running a hand through her hair.

"Yea, you should have heard her two days ago. She was screaming down the phone. I don't think my head's recovered from it yet." She laughed in affection before walking towards the door. "I'm going to see if Harold and Niall needs help with the food." Rolling my eyes, I replied to Sephy's Tweet;

@Real_Liam_Payne: @Sephy_McLeod It had to be done. We should meet up sometime? ;D

"Are you still looking on Twitter?" Billie's voice entered my ears. I looked up from my phone and glanced at him. I slowly nodded my head before looking back down at my phone. "I have over a thousand followers thanks to you. I've also had Tweets asking what certain words mean in Italian. Man, I wish I never Tweeted in my native language."

"So, you're actually from Italy?" Chuckling, Billie took the seat next to me.

"Si, I wasn't joking when me Mama used to make the best Spaghetti Bolognase in the world." Awe, he could be so adorable at times- What? I did not just think that! Besides, I was still getting over Danielle to think about other people in 'that way'. I look back at Twitter.

@Sephy_McLeod: @Real_Liam_Payne Oh! That would be grand; I'll ring up @Rory_Mallory ;) x

A few minutes later, Lorelei re-entered the den, phone against her ear as she turned to me.

"Sephy was asking for your number, if its okay to actually give it to her?" I nodded with smile and she grinned at me. "Right, give me a few minutes and I'll sort out her number for you." She walked out of the room once more.

"Shall we do the Twitcam tonight then?" Billie suddenly asked making me look over to him. I couldn't deny it anymore especially since he was so cute. Smiling, I tweeted to the fans that it would be tonight.

"Yea, after we watch a movie. Speaking of which," I looked over to Lorelei and Harry who were bringing our snacks for this evening. Niall followed with a bag of crisps in his hand. Man, that boy sure loved to eat. "What are we watching?"

"Since Louis' in bed, we could watch something scary?" Harry suggested looking slightly glum. I could tell he missed Louis. The two inseparable after all. Lorelei was looking at her DVD collection and shrugged.

"I don't have any of that here because of my nephews. We have all of the Toy Stor-" I cut through her sentence.

"We've got to watch Toy Story 3!" I yelled happily as a dishevelled looking Lucinda and Zayn entered the den. Zayn groaned when he heard me.

"We always watch that at yours, mate. The amount of times you've cried at it too." Lorelei let out a low giggle, looking over to me. I told her to be quiet.

"But, Li-Li, no one really cries over it. I never did and Niall certainly didn't." She covered her mouth and held up the DVD making me smile. "I've got a soft spot for this film also, don't worry." Only Zayn and Lucinda groaned at this. I looked over to Billie who was smiling softly.

"My room mates forced me to watch it; its quiet lovely. I enjoyed it and found that the plot was, uh, beau-ful?" Hm?

"Billie, its beau-ti-ful," Lorelei tried with a polite smile. He tried again but it didn't work. Eventually he gave up with everyone laughing (him included) at the situation. He was just too effing adorable! "At least you tried," Lorelei said as she hit play for the DVD.


Billie was a whiz on the computer considering he never used one back in his native country. He said that he had wanted to have a better so came to England for work, sending money back to his mother and sisters. Like Louis, he had four younger sisters which, he said, was quite normal for Italian families.

"Hey there everyone," I said as the Twitcam was activated. We were live. "So, we have about one thousand viewers. Let's get that up before midnight okay?" I looked at the time, it was already ten o'clock. "Right, we won't stay up late because its a school night."

"No, sciocco, è un Venerdì," Billie said from beside me, reminding me that he was doing it with me. I turned and him a strange look. He had just spoken in Italian. His cheeks went pink when he realised his mistake. "Oh sh- sugar rush! I said 'No, silly, its a Friday'." He pointed to the screen as if to prove his statement. I found myself looking.

@Sephy_McLeod: (she was watching tonight) Like Billie said, its a Friday @Real_Liam_Payne. No school except for work -.- x

I laughed at that. "Shout out to the lovely Sephy McLeod for pointing that out also. Go follow her, she's one of Rory's friends. Seph, go to bed soon, okay?" I added making Billie laugh. Tweets came flooding on the screen.

@1Dfection: (A/N I don't know if this is real. Look up if you like ;]) @Real_Liam_Payne is it true that @Rory_Mallory & @NiallOfficial are childhood friends?

"Well, @1Dfection - nice name by the way - yes. Rory moved to Mullinger with her mother when her parents spilt up." I explained with a slight smile. "Ah, @Ilove1D she moved back to Manchester after a year when her mother was diagnosed with depression."

"Hm. I'm not sure if she has a Twitter account," Billie smiled politely looking over the Tweets. He was a pro! "We'll ask her tomorrow since she's out with her husband tonight. Si, her siblings' Twitters are @PercyWMallory and well, I don't know Bella's. Ask Rory or Percy to DM it to you." How cute, he was being helpful. The next Tweets made me smile.

: @Real_Liam_Payne How is #Larry tonight? Behaving I hope ;]

@Chelsea_Leigh15: @Real_Liam_Payne @zaynmalik Tweeted that Louis was poorly. How is he doing, the poor thing? ): xx

"Well, Harry's upset because he's under orders not to approach Louis because he's got a bit of the flu. Louis's sleeping now although he keeps asking for Harry. Poor thing? Yes, but its his fault for running out in the rain." Beside me, Billie giggled in agreement.

"You don't want to know what he was singing about. It was quite kinky."

"By the way, Directioners, the flu has become man flu." I heard Lorelei say. Wait, what? I turned to see her enter the den. "My den's a camp, is it?"

"Rory, come and say hi." She looked at him before squeezing between the two of us with a bright smile.

"Good evening, fellow Directioners, how is everyone?" A few more tweets popped up. "Ah, it was a shock to find that out. I mean its not everyday when you find out your half-brother is from One Direction. Oh! I was ecstatic when Niall and the boys came third. In fact, I was raving when I was told about their contract."

"Really?" I asked in amusement as it was hard to picture.

"Yea, I was in London with Greg and Bobby at the time. Bobby was called but he put it on speaker phone." That would explain why Niall had moved the phone away from his ear. "Hm? I don't know where you found out about that but I don't think I should say anything. I mean I love him and everything but its not my place. Um, okay. Yes, Niall and I are dating." And just like that, Twitter went crazy. Lorelei looked rather embarrassed. "Crap! What have I done? We have just told management and everything..." What was going to happen now?



Cliffhanger? *le gasp* I know, I know but this writes itself okay? Poor Louis and Harry - they're not allowed to snuggle but of the cold. I'm saying Harry hadn't had it this year so yea that's why they're not allowed. Rory's mother can be strict at times.

Oh, well until next time,

Chelsea Leigh xx

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