Shocking Inside Secrets & Lies

"Cheryl Foxx?" He had to be certain as he knew a lot of Cheryls. Whether it was his old school chums or work buddies, Perry knew almost everyone. Anne giggled lightly and nodded.

"Well, yea, she does live here." She then grabbed onto his arm. "C'mon let's get you a drink; you look thirsty." Perry beamed as he followed her into the kitchen.

Eighteen years ago, Lorelei's father did something stupid and it is going to smack right in his face when he finds out the consequence of this venture. Along the way, Lorelei discovers she has a younger brother and that she is falling for one of her friends


12. Chapter Eleven

{Chapter 11}


"You see Dylan, when you love a person so much you are allowed to kiss them." Harry explained to his nephew. The boy had just seen the newspaper that his grandfather had brought into the house. It had a picture of Harry and Louis on front cover.

"But you're both boys." Dylan blinked in cute confusion and Harry felt suddenly embarrassed. How was he going to explain to this to the infant? Inspiration hit him as he turned to gaze at his sister.

"Well, urm... Help me out here, Roobear?" Lorelei looked up from her game boy at the pair and shrugged.

"Its like Uncle Percy said, two boys can kiss each other because they like each other a lot."

"Can two girls do that then?" Dylan asked excitedly. Zayn, who was drinking a cup of coffee, started to laugh. This caused the coffee to spill out of his nose.

"Remind me not to introduce him to Lucy." She mumbled to herself. The two were so alike, it was unbelievable. "Yes, two girls can kiss each other. Its a sign of affection."

"What does affection mean?" Lorelei nearly dropped her console as she glanced at her nephew. How would she explain that to a four year old? That was when Louis spoke up, with a dreamy grin on his face.

"Its the way people express their feelings for one another. For example." He went over to Lorelei and pulled her into a bone crushing hug. "I love this chick so much. She's like the little sister I've never had."

"Don't say that to your sisters, Boobear, they'll be very jealous right now." Harry chuckled lightly before turning to Bobby. The two year old was currently being tickled by Niall.

"Carrot-boy, you're crushing me." Lorelei wiggled but Louis kept hold of her. "Harold, Nialler, Zaynny-pops! Help me."

"Zaynny-pops?" Louis grinned madly. The latter went pink gazing at the pair.

"Is that my new nickname?" He then grinned. "That's awesome!" Zayn then wrapped his arms around the two. "Thank you!"

"Where's my cuddle?" Dylan whined, feeling left out. "Uncle Zayn gives us a cuddle." Zayn seemed hesitant, Lorelei could tell.

"N'awh, Dylan just called you Uncle Zayn. Isn't he sweet?" She smiled at her nephew. "Of course Uncle Zayn can give you a cuddle." She gently pushed the Bradford boy in Dylan's direction. "Don't be shy, Zayn, it just means that he likes you." He smiled awkwardly and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy.

"I forgot that Zayn isn't a hugger." Niall exclaimed from his seat and then resumed tickling Bobby. The two year old giggled once more in affection. This caused Lorelei to smirk at the pair.

"Awe, I never knew that ickle Bobby-wobby was ticklish." She teased, trying to hold in her own laughter. "There again, he doesn't like anyone going near him." Niall paused his tickling.

"Awe, I must be special then!" He grinned at her and her face went bright pink. The blonde stood up which made Bobby pout. "Sorry, mate, but me tummy's rumbling. What's for lunch?" Lorelei shrugged.

"You know where the kitchen and my mother is." She stood up herself and glanced down at her watch. "Where's Billie and Li? I thought they'd show up by now."

Harry frowned slightly; she was right, Liam did mention that they shouldn't be long. He grabbed his phone and sent a text to Liam.

To: Daddy Direction

Hey, mate. Where r u? We're worried bout u & Billie. Txt me 2 tell us where u r ad whn u comin home.


He hit send and placed the phone on the table, out of reach from his nephew. Harry paused when three more phones were placed on the table also. He looked up to see Zayn, Louis and Niall. The curly-haired teen then turned to see his sister typing away on her mobile.

Lorelei knew that the boys had texted Liam but she thought to be better safe than sorry.

To: Liam James Payne

Li, where are you and William? The boys and I are getting worried. You said you'd back an hour or two ago. Give us a text when you get this so I can stop worrying.

Love Rory x

She hit send and slid the phone back in her pocket. Lorelei hoped that the two were okay, wherever they were.


Liam didn't consider it as a date but he had offered to take Billie out to get to know him or so he said. He looked up the screen that had his and Billie's names on with scores at the side. He was losing dreadfully.

"C'mon, Payne, its your turn!" Liam looked up at the sweet voice and smiled at the smaller male.

"Tell me, Maron, how old are you? Its just 'cause you look like you're still in primary school." Billie's jaw tightened and his pretty eyebrows scooped low. Oh, great, Liam had insulted him! "No, I didn't mean it like that..."

"Ah, that's alright." His lips morphed into an awkward smile. "I'm nineteen; nearly twenty." Liam could have sworn he sounded gleeful about that. He felt something vibrate in his pocket and knew that everyone would be on a text frenzy now. He forgot to mention when he would get back. Taking it out of his pocket, he asked Billie to take his turn.

The latter rolled his eyes and picked up a bowling ball. "I'll even show you how its done." Liam had to move his phone in front of his eyes so that he didn't stare absentmindedly at Billie's bottom again. Yea, he did that a couple of times earlier.

Liam scanned through the numerous text messages from his friends. The first one was from Harry which was asking where he was. Ignoring it he scanned through the messages from Zayn, Louis and Niall.

From: Bradford Boy

Was wondering where u r? Txt us whn u get the chance. We r worried bout u. Zayn

From: Carrot Breath

Hiya. Not tht I'm checkin on u but every1's askin questions ad I'm wonderin how ur date's goin with our tour manager? Dnt worry, I wnt tell a soul as I dnt think u shud b on a date. Tell me wht happened. Lou x

The next text that he had read was from an unknown number. When he spotted Lorelei's name, he sighed in relief. At least it wasn't some crazed fan that had managed to get his number. Speaking of managers... His eyes drifted over to Billie who was bending down to tie his shoelace. Liam quickly dialled Lorelei's number and pressed it his ear.

"Ello, ello, Daddy Direction." A voice laughed after three rings. It wasn't Lorelei through; it was Louis. Liam mentally groaned at this. What was he doing with her phone? "How's the date going?" Liam felt his cheeks heat up at the mere thought.

"Its not like that, okay? Since he's going on the road with us, I thought I should get to know him." There was a suggestive laugh on the other end. This made him rolled his eyes in annoyance. "Its not like that." Although he said this, Liam couldn't help but look over to Billie. The latter, of which, blinked and waved at the younger male.

"Oh, yea, and Harry and I never kissed." Liam's brow furrowed at the mere thought of his two friends doing that. He heard Louis chuckle lightly on the other end. "What's your boyfriend doing right now?"

"Bowling; his turn. He has a nice bu... I mean, it isn't like that! How many times must I repeat myself?" He felt his cheeks heat up; he didn't almost say that. He didn't nearly say that their tour manager had a nice butt and to Louis of all people.

"If you say so. Anyway, when you back? Its just that Mrs. Cadogan-Flecther is about to prepare lunch." Liam heard crunching on the other end and assumed Louis was munching on something that he shouldn't.

"Urm, we're going to a restaurant and then a movie after bowling." He lied but maybe they would do that. "Although this isn't a date," he added quickly so that Louis didn't assume anything else. There was more crunching on the other end.

"Okay, so its a mandate. There's nothing wrong with that, mate. Although, what would Nialler say about it?" Liam frowned at this; what did the older lad mean by that? "Anyway, I've to go before Rory or anyone else catches me on her phone." Or stealing the carrots, Liam mentally added. The two said their goodbyes and he looked up to see Billie standing directly near him.

"I sort of ended the game." The Italian said nervously, pointing up at the screen. "It was very close though," he amended, quickly as to not offend the younger male.

"I know this is a stupid question, but do you like pasta?" Billie blinked twice at the question and then his face cracked into a wide grin as he clocked onto what Liam was asking him.

"Nah, I prefer Japanese." There was a hint of sarcasm in his tone as the Italian rolled his eyes. "Of course I do, me mama used to make a huge bowl of the stuff." Liam laughed at the comment; he never knew he was such a joker.


Lorelei narrowed her eyes as Louis re-entered the den with a huge grin on his face. Rolling her eyes, she slid out of a sleeping Niall's embrace and stood up to address the cheeky lad.

"What's got you grinning like a crazed baboon?" At least her nephews were at the park with Zayn and Harry; the two had arranged to meet her sister there. Lorelei assumed whatever it was, might have been a bit rude for the children.

"Liam's definitely on a date." That perked her interest and she even asked for details. "Well, he rang; on your phone - here, you can have it back - and he told that they were bowling. Then he said about taking Billie to a restaurant and to watch a movie." She slowly nodded her head; that did sound like a date. "But, he insists that it isn't a date."

"Hot damn, really? That's where my sister went with her husband on their dates." Lorelei tossed her mobile onto the nearby table and gazed down at the sleeping Niall, making sure that he was really sleeping. She then switched off the television which had Justin Beiber's film playing.

"Awe, you actually watched that? How I envy you; Liam always had to do that." Lorelei rolled her eyes and placed the DVD into its cover. "You two make a sweet couple." She went pink at the comment and turned to him.

"Well, Liam's got a date and this kind of a date for us, okay?" She sighed moving to the door. Louis followed her to continue their conversation. "'Sides, why didn't you go with Harold to the park? The two of you are seeing each other."

"Nah, I wanted to make fun of Liam when he got back from his date." The chuckled at that as they passed through the front door. "Where are we going?"

"Next door; I want to return Kate's DVD." She ran a hand through her curly hair and leaned over the fence to press next door's door bell. Louis wasn't looking her way as a girl with red hair had entered the garden. She straightened her glasses and looked at Louis, going pale. Her bright eyes then shifted to Lorelei and a deep frown pressed her features in wonder.

"Rory, there's someone here." The latter turned from her neighbour to where Louis was gazing. A curse word left her lips and she quickly clasped her mouth, turning to her fifteen year old friend.

"Don't ever use that word, 'kay?" Kate nodded and went back into her house, DVD in her hands. Lorelei looked at the red head. "Well, this is a surprise. Why didn't you phone me, Lucy?" Lucinda shrugged and looked at Louis once more.

"So, Sephy was telling the truth about One Direction staying at your mum's house?" Louis and Lorelei both grumbled; Persephane had a huge mouth! "Don't worry, she only mentioned it Simon and I." A smile graced her lips as she assessed Louis. "Tell me, Mr Tomlinson, what's it like to make Sephy's dream come true? She's such a huge fan of Larry Stylinson."

"Bet every single one of our fans are screaming at the news." Louis gave Lucinda his trademark grin. "You sound a lot like Zayn in retrospect."

"She even tends to her hair for Goodness knows how long," Lorelei rolled her eyes in agreement. "You'd best come in; I'm sure my mother would be pleased to see you." Lucinda giggled softly.

"Everyone's always pleased to see me." She followed Lorelei and Louis in the house. "Why is it so quiet? I expected it to be noisy with four other lads bouncing off the walls."

"Well, Niall's having a nap in the den and Harold went with Zayn to drop off my nephews." She frowned at this; she loved Lorelei's nephews. Well, everyone did. The red head giggled softly when they entered the den and saw the blonde Irishman cuddling a pillow.

"He's a cutie, eh?" Louis smiled as he parked his backside onto a bean bag. Lucinda then inquired as to where Liam was. "Oh, he's on a date with our new tour manager; Billie." His smile morphed into a grin.

"Tell me, is your manager male or female?" Lucinda sat down on an armchair as Lorelei answered the question. "Interesting. Are you sure its an actual date though? I mean, they could be just hanging out."

"If they were, I'm sure we'd be there with them. 'Sides, everyone knows a date entitles bowling, a fancy restaurant and then a trip to the cinemas after ward." Lorelei replied, gently shaking Niall awake. The blonde mumbled something and fluttered his eyelids open. When he spotted Lucinda, he suddenly sat up straight.

"Oh, ur, I didn't know we had guests." Lorelei giggled lightly and kissed his cheek whilst ruffling his blonde locks.

"Nah, this is Lucy Barnes; no relation to Ben Barnes I'm afraid." Lucinda fixed her glasses and gave her friend a deep frown.

"For all you know anyway. My parents always go silent on the subject. Anyway, it is good to meet you Mr. Horan. How long have you known Rory?" Niall fixed her with an odd stare; why did she address him, a peer, so formally?

"Since we were kids. And," he went pink in the cheeks, "Could you call me Niall please? We're the same age and I feel uncomfortable when someone calls me Mr. Horan." She frowned at his request but then nodded out of respect.

"I see, would the others feel uncomfortable about this too?" Lorelei assumed so and Lucinda nodded her assent. "Okay, I can live with that. For now, anyway." She grinned lightly at Louis and Niall. "I have often wondered how you cope with the amount of screaming fan girls that you've got."

"We love 'em." Niall nodded with a dreamy grin plastered on his face. "Their dedication is the reason why we produce such great records." Louis nodded his agreement as the den door opened and Zayn stepped. Lucinda turned to survey the Bradford boy and he did the same. A grin crossed over his features as their eyes met. Feeling her cheeks heat up, Lucinda stared down at the ground suddenly feeling exposed.

"Zayn, this is Lucinda Barnes." Lorelei smiled at Zayn as he ignored her partly. He commented on what a lovely name she had. Zayn was about to tell her something else when he was shoved forward by Harry who wanted to enter the den. The curly haired Cheshire lad grinned at Lucinda as he sat on the arm of her chair.

"Well met Luc!" He draped an arm around her shoulders, not aware of the fact that Louis was glaring in their direction. Harry only realised when he looked over to his boyfriend. He cheekily shrugged. "Well, its hard to snuggle on those beanbags and Roall's got the couch."

"Roall; is that what everyone's calling us?" Harry explained to his sister that only he and Zayn had come up with the nickname. "Oh, that just shows that Niall and I can keep our public displays to a minimum."

"Why don't you wait until the first month and say that." Louis chuckled lightly. Zayn joined in finding it funny but their laughter died as they realised that they were the only ones. "Why ain't you laughing?"

"Rory is one to take a challenge seriously, Louis." Lucinda smirked at the Doncaster lad partly because she knew it and that she had used his feminine name. "Not to worry, I've got a plan so that you can get to know the princess of writing better. One word; camping." Her smile faded when a collection groans echoed around the den. "What?"


The trip to the cinema had been a disaster as Liam had found out. It wasn't the film though, it was the company. Not that Billie was being annoying, it was the people who had wanted to go see the same film. Liam had pointed out a film which was Lorelei and Niall-friendly. As soon as Billie suggested something much scarier, a group of guys had surrounded them like a pack of vultures.

"Awe, it seems that your girl wants to see a horror film." One of them chuckled. He was a butch lad and it wasn't muscle that made him so; it was mostly fat. Liam thought he was stupid to even think that Billie was a female.

"Actually, its okay. Being a guy myself, I must have better taste than you meat heads." That wasn't Liam. It was Billie's voice; what was he doing? "Calling me a girl is insulting and I think you should take it back."

"Oh, I'm sorry, it seems we've disrupted a gay date." A second guy replied, eyeing Billie up and down before turning to Liam. The skinny lad grinned, most likely recognising him. "Wow, I can't believe that Liam Payne of One Direction is gay!" His friends laughed, including Butch. "It must be those two fags rubbing off on ya. Ya know, Louise and Harriet." More laughter. Liam felt a sudden ache in his heart as the gang continued their on slaught. Someone must have noticed as two burly men (who Liam recognised as his minders) approached them.

Without a word, they grabbed him and Billie, dragging them out of the cinema. They were then pushed into the back seat of a dark car. Liam enquired if they had done something wrong but nothing was said they were driven away from the cinema.



Chapter 11 End Notes

What do you guys think? Was Liam and Billie out on a date or not?

Also, what did you think of the stares that Lucinda and Zayn were giving each other? Do they like each other, prehaps? Awe, there was a brief moment between Louis and Lorelei as the two built up a (sort of) friendship. Its funny how she goes along with whatever he says. Prehaps the two will be great allies when it comes to gossip and playing Cupid?

We'll have to find out when I post up chapter 12 (ooooohhhhh!). Until next my fellow Directioners!

Chelsea Leigh x

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