A little more love, A little more vulnerability

Two friends in their early twenties meet over coffee for a regular conversation.

He tells her that he wants to list out all the people that he wants to fall in love with, kiddingly.

And so begins a long conversation on vulnerability and love. And what we are meant to do when somebody else intersects our lives.


1. The conversation that starts it all

He: No, no. I want hugs. Kisses. And embraces. I don’t want to waste away these days!

He: It’s just the way our society is. Everyone has an excuse to be single. If people were trained enough to be vulnerable human beings, they’ll discover the amazing power that is in love!

He: I never knew what being understood meant, until someone listened to me. Till then, I didn’t even know what being misunderstood was! Or that I was being misunderstood!

She: She: But you can’t force it to happen!

He: Is that what I’m doing?

She: Kind of! Let it happen. Don’t arrange your love like that!

He: Ghanta let it happen! It’s not about forcing it. It’s about being out there and discovering the great people that there are!

She: Toh? There are loads of great people out there! toh!

He: Go out and discover people. Interact more than your superficiality will let you. Discover. THAT is how love will happen!

She: Yes! But you can’t like list people out to interact with!

He: Let love in. Don’t think so much. There can be no trees without roots. Don’t believe in Divine creation!

He: Hah! Why not? It just sounds absurd. It isn’t. You’ll take more chances when you do that. How will you think about them! How will you observe them! Although I wasn’t telling you seriously. Just wanted to pull your leg!

She: I don’t believe in divine creation and all that crap. But I do believe that there is one such person who won’t let me think twice. And even a confused soul like me would forget all the calculations to do and I’ll start loving him without knowing how, when or from where. And I would whisper into his ears, “I love you, without problems or pride”.

He: Have you ever thought how many others have the same beliefs? Put yourself to the wheel and see your faith break. Faith makes us keep going on. Hope deludes us. Wastes away our lives. More than that, it makes us audacious about having another tomorrow.

She: Let’s not talk about it. There’s a chance that I may get all sad!
He: Like I said, hope is what protects us from confronting realities. So why am I being insensitive? Just being cruel to be kind.

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