A little more love, A little more vulnerability

Two friends in their early twenties meet over coffee for a regular conversation.

He tells her that he wants to list out all the people that he wants to fall in love with, kiddingly.

And so begins a long conversation on vulnerability and love. And what we are meant to do when somebody else intersects our lives.


4. On making love and sex

It's a wonderful feeling. She lets out a heavy breath, and you touch her on the neck, to let her know, you felt it. You see her feeling something, something she didn't feel, you see her reaching for your lips and you close her, tighten your arms, to pull her closer. That's how you tell her you feel what she's feeling. And then, after the magic's done, it laeves you with something powerful. That has the power to bring the saddest of two people closer, as powerful as a mother's love. (Oxytocin).

With each scene, he had the flashes of an earlier time. And when he said that, when he talked about

She: That's also the reason why friends with benefits doesn't work. And laughs out. He smiles. True colours!

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