A little more love, A little more vulnerability

Two friends in their early twenties meet over coffee for a regular conversation.

He tells her that he wants to list out all the people that he wants to fall in love with, kiddingly.

And so begins a long conversation on vulnerability and love. And what we are meant to do when somebody else intersects our lives.


3. On allowing expression

What do you do? You tell me to go out and express myself. What do you do when somebody out there expresses himself to you? You turn him down. Someone could be hammering on your knee and your leg would jerk. You believe in something and yet you don't know how it applies to you. You believe in a good world and yet, you create a world where you don't acknowledge the goodness of somebody else. You contribute to it. And you make it grow. Those 6 people. All 6 of them were bad? No one had a story?

Its just the way it starts off. You know, we are having this conversation because we met at that Pizza place, and when I was with my girlfriend. You would wrap your own imagination over me, and you could see me in my element. Of how wonderful I could be. But what if I came up to you and said, I like how you enjoy what you do and how notorious you are outside that. What would you do? At that time, would you imagine what I would have been like if we met at some other time?  Why wouldn't you let me be and then see you in your element, just the way you are, and then tell you it is wonderful. You'd like it, and I'd like it.

But no. We spread cynicism. We spend our times laughing hollowly and then being monsters when someone opens themselves up, and then the monster thinks he has to be that for survival. And it s true. But then, what does faith in humanity mean for you?

He wasn't giving food for thought. He was demanding that they be changed. As if there was an injustice in good people having bad imagination. It was none of his business, and yet it was everyone's.  One more person, who'd be a little more vulnerable, who'd spread a little more love.

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