One Direction Imagines!

Hey! I wanted to start making Imagines for people who LOVE One Direction! If you want, I can make an Imagine for you readers! I made two random Imagines and one is mine! I just love Niall! So if you want me to make one, read the Author's Note after Chapter 3! Peace out! Haha!


7. There's NO Separating These Siblings! (Zayn and Mimi)

I was hopping around the house until I saw one of my big brother Zayn's fan trying to get him to leave me and go with her. I just glared at that fan. 'How DARE she say that! Zayn will NEVER leave me! We are siblings for heaven's sake!' I saw Zayn frown. Then I heard him sigh. "Look! Um..." "Chibi!" "Um...Chibi? I can't leave my little sister just because of a fan! Who would watch my little sister? I'm sorry, but I refuse to leave my little sister!" He closed the door before that fan tried to jump in and kidnap him. He turned and I ran to him and gave a BIG hug to him. He looked surprised, but he was happy. "Zayn! You did that for me?" He laughed and messed up my hair. "Of course Eloisa! I wouldn't want to leave my little sister all alone while mom and dad are gone!" I laughed. "Aw! I love you big brother! Or Zaynie Waynie!" He ruffled my hair again. "I love you, too! Ellie Wellie!" I glared at him. "Hey!" He laughed and ran away from me until we both got sleepy and we both fell asleep in our rooms. I jumped on my bed. "I have the BEST big brother in the world!" There is NOTHING that can separate me and Zayn from being close siblings! EVER!

(A/N: Hahaha! Sorry Mimi! Couldn't think of any other nickname! So I did Ellie Wellie! Hahaha! I made thos nicknames up! I mean like the Ellie, Wellie, and Waynie! Somebody else made Zaynie! Or maybe somebody did! Anyway, hope you enjoy it so far!)

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