One Direction Imagines!

Hey! I wanted to start making Imagines for people who LOVE One Direction! If you want, I can make an Imagine for you readers! I made two random Imagines and one is mine! I just love Niall! So if you want me to make one, read the Author's Note after Chapter 3! Peace out! Haha!


8. The Ski Resort! (Harry and Charlotte)

I can't believe my friend dragged me all the way to the ski resort! I would have walked instead of letting her drag me! I LOVE THE SKI RESORT!!! We went inside and I was jumping up and down while my friend was on her knees, breathing heavily as she tried to stand. But she failed. I guess she got tired of dragging me here. "Oh come on! Get up! I want to go skiing!" She got up and glared at me. "It's not my fault that I'm tired!" I laughed. "Okay! Sorry! Now let's go!" She laughed as we ran on the gondolas! We got separated and I sat by a guy with brown curly hair. He looked at me and I recognized his face anywhere! It was Harry Styles. OMG!!! He saw me staring at him and he smirked. "Hi there! I'm Harry!" I blushed very red and smiled at him. "I-I'm Charlotte." He smiled as we got off the gondola and started to ski down the hill. Once we reached the bottom, I fell down and he helped me up. "Are you okay?" "Y-Yeah." I smiled as I noticed that he patted my head lightly. I fell on my back making snow angels while Harry stared at me, laughing. "SO...did you come here with someone Charlotte?" I got up, dusting the snow off of me. "Yeah." I pointed at her, noticing that she was flirting with a boy. I rolled my eyes while laughing. "She's kind of a flirt when it comes to boys!" Harry laughed and took me to the back of the hill where no one could see us. "Um...Charlotte?" "Yeah?" "I know we just met a few hours ago, but I really like you! W-Will you be my girlfriend?" I stared at him. Then I pounced on him happily all of a sudden. "Yes! I'll be your girlfriend Harry!" He smiled at me as we got up. "You wanna go on the gondola again?" "Oh you bet!" We smiled, hand-in-hand, to the gondola and had a fun time!

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