One Direction Imagines!

Hey! I wanted to start making Imagines for people who LOVE One Direction! If you want, I can make an Imagine for you readers! I made two random Imagines and one is mine! I just love Niall! So if you want me to make one, read the Author's Note after Chapter 3! Peace out! Haha!


13. The Fate Of Our Loved Ones! (Harry and Grace)

I was walking to the cemetary to visit my grandmother of my mother's side. I was holding a bunch of my grandmother's favorite flowers. I was also walking to the cemetary to visit my grandfather of my father's side. I had a box with his most precious possession inside. It was necklace with half of a heart. My father told me that the person that I'm destined to be with has the other half. After visiting my grandmother's grave, I walked over to my grandfather's grave. While walking there, I saw a boy with dark brown curls and green emerald eyes in front of the grave. I blushed and slowly walked to him. "Hey there." He turned to me and he smiled. "Hey there. I'm Harry." I turned to him. "I'm Grace. Nice to meet you!" I noticed a silver and thin chain around his neck. "Hey. What's that chain for?" and. He looked down and took out...half of a heart. "Oh. This? My father's friend gave it to me and told me that it was from this very person." He started to point at my grandfather's grave. "He also told me that I'm destined to be with the person with the other half. I pulled the box out and took out the necklace. My eyes turned wide. And so did Harry's. We both said "Your the person that I'm destined to be with?" at the same time and blushed. We both smiled at each other. "Nice meeting you Harry!" "Nice meeting you, too, Grace!" I laughed and he placed the necklace around my neck. 


____________________________________________________________________________ was it??? Was it bad? And I need the truth! Was it horrible? Well, this is for Grace to decide! Hope you liked it! ~Hello 1D Kitty

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