One Direction Imagines!

Hey! I wanted to start making Imagines for people who LOVE One Direction! If you want, I can make an Imagine for you readers! I made two random Imagines and one is mine! I just love Niall! So if you want me to make one, read the Author's Note after Chapter 3! Peace out! Haha!


12. Perfect Two! (Liam and Lauren)

I was excitedly waiting in line to meet the boys in a signing. I almost yelled when I got closer to the boys. I noticed that Liam was staring at me and I stared back at him. It felt like my heart was about to explode in a million pieces. The looked away from me quickly when I flashed a little smile at him. I finally reached the boys after 10 minutes passed and I looked at Liam. "Hey Liam!" Liam looked up at me and smiled. "Why, hi there, love. Nice to meet you!" I stuck my hand out for him to shake. "I'm Lauren!" He smiled and shook my hand. I'm SO happy that no one was behind me because I was the last one in line. The rest of the boys left to meet some fans that stayed behind and I was alone with Liam. I blushed. "So Lauren. How are you?" I tilted my head. "Hm...I'm okay. How about you?" Liam blushed and looked down. "I-I'm okay, I guess." So basically, me and Liam talked about ourselves for an hour until it was time for the boys to go. "Bye Liam!" I hugged him and he hugged back. "Bye Lauren! Hope I'll get to see you another time soon." I smiled as he ruffled my hair. Then I started to look through the boys' signatures for no apparent reason and noticed that Liam added his number next to a note saying "Call me!" with a huge heart next to it. I smiled and thought of Liam the whole walk home.


(A/N: Sorry for the awful imagine! I tried my best though! Hope you guys at least enjoy it. And Lauren, I can fix it if you don't like this imagine. Don't be afraid to ask me! That goes for the others who don't like their imagines! ~Hello 1D Kitty)

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