Break A Nose, Mend A Heart

Cecily is an amateur when it comes to writing music and being a You Tube star. As soon as she is given 1D gig tickets off her twin brother, she doesn't know what to do with the second ticket. Bring in Lawrence her older brother who's only doing it to get the girl's ex off her back. But was the boy expecting a broken nose and a 1D boy to fix his little sister's heart? No. Nor was he expecting a sassy guy to catch his eye.


No Romance between Larry Stylinson [Louis/Harry], Boy-on-boy, Kissing, swearing [they're teenagers] & a broken nose


This is fan-made fiction. None of the guys of One Direction or any celebrities are involved with me in any way. Nor was anyone hurt during the writing of this -,-


3. Third Chapter: Yet Another Rule


#} yet another rule {#

[|] Harry's POV [|}

"Well, Mr Tomlinson I need you to answer this honestly. Are you a homosexual, or in modern terms, gay?" Mr. Paxton's intimidating voice broke the heavy silence. I saw that Louis was shivering at the older man's voice. I couldn't blame him as I had the same feelings. "I'm waiting for an answer and I want to hear it now." I could see that Louis was hesitating and it was understandable granted that Mr. Paxton wouldn't let it slide until something was done.

"Yes, I'm gay." He replied looking our manager in the eyes. This was followed by an air of silence. These offices have faced much worse drama than this surely?

"Thank you for being honest, Louis." Ms. Ball smiled sweetly at him. She was the only one here that we actually liked since she was opened minded. "You don't have to worry about anything. Your place in the band is safe, but we must impose a new 'rule' just for you." A new rule? I wondered what it could be. "This news would really boost your gay fans so I think it is time you came out to the world. Well, not right now but eventually you'll have to tell them. As for Eleanor, I think the two of you should break up as it'll make this more believable."

"That shouldn't be too hard since we're not really dating." A gasp left my lips as he said. Did he really mean that?

"That makes it easier. Oh, one more thing, this rule cannot be broken; you are not allowed to date one of your band members. It would complicate things if the two of you broke things off." Why was she looking pointedly at me for? Unless. No. That was stupid or was it? "I don't mind you and Harry continuing with your bromance but that is as far as it goes." She sounded like she meant it too. Well, Mrs. Ball didn't have to worry about it since our friendship was good enough already.

"Mr. Tomlinson, if you ever want to date a boy, please ring us up, okay?" Mr. Paxton added, his stern tone banging through my ear holes. I nervously looked over to Simon who was sitting very quietly. He smiled at me and held up some paper.

"Louis, they want you to sign this. Harry, we need you to wait outside. Only Mrs. Ball, Mr. Paxton and I can be present. Its standard procedure; I hope you understand." I did. I patted Louis' shoulder as I stood up.

"I'll be outside, okay?" He smiled at me and I left the room, my heart suddenly thumping against my chest. How strange... I wanted to shout the odds off, supporting one of my best friends. But I think this situation turned out for the better. I took out my phone and typed out a text for Liam;

To: Daddy Direction

Everything went better than expected. Lou's signing something and we're outta here. Haz x

Before you start, we always added kisses at the end of our texts. It showed how much we cared for each other. In a brotherly way that was. I hit send and go over to the waiting area where I sat down, thinking to myself. I wondered how the fans would react when Louis told them. What if they jump to the conclusion that Larry was real? The management wouldn't like that one bit. My phone buzzed and I saw that I had a text from Niall.

From: Leprechaun

Thank fuck! Also, your gf has posted a new vid. Here's the link [insert You Tube link here]. Niall x

I laughed at my Irish friend's text. Just because I constantly watched You Tube videos of one girl does not mean we were a couple. Well, not in reality though because I didn't know her. My dreams (not the wet kind as I don't have them anymore) consisted of her and I as we go on dates. It is bad that I might be falling for a You Tube sensation. Her name? Cecily Stylinson. Although she insisted on 'CC', I loved the name Cecily; it was unique and fun to say. I opened the link to the video and was glad that no one was around. Her face appeared on the screen and she opened her pretty little mouth to speak;

"First of all, I need to apologise for my absence the last month or so." I sighed softly as I listened to her intently. It was actually heart breaking to watch her hold back tears. She was real and I couldn't understand why anyone would cheat on her.

"That is one stupid bastard," Louis' voice entered my ears indicating that he was done signing papers. I let out another sigh, locking my phone and putting it into my pocket. "He doesn't even deserve her if he's going to cheat." I looked up at him with a frown.

"How long were you standing there?"

"Long enough." Why did most people use that answer? Hey, I didn't exactly understand the concept. "Let's go. We'll grab some food for Niall on the way back whilst you can re-watch CC's new video blog." I stood up out of my seat and grinned at Louis. We walked towards the lift.

"Hey, Lou, why didn't you tell me? I thought we were close?" I asked as the lift rang and we made our journey back down. He let out sigh and looked anyway but me.

"Its complicated." I could have pressed further but I guess he needed some space. After all, he had came out to the management and that was extremely difficult to do.


"Foooooood!" Niall shouted as soon as we entered his flat. He snatched the bag of Nando's off Louis and went over to the couch where Josh was sat. Opening the bag, the blonde held out a piece of chicken for the drummer. I instantly stilled as I watched a reluctant Josh accept the piece of meat. I looked over to Liam and Louis who looked confused too. It was rare for Niall to share his food. In fact, I have never seen the blonde share his food before so this was new.

"So, how did management take it?" Liam asked, turning away from Josh and Niall to address Louis.

"Well. They said that it would bring in more gay fans when I 'come out'." He sat down on the arm chair, sighing. "'Sides, what I am going to tell my mum and the girls?"

"You haven't told them?" I asked, because I found it shocking. I thought that Louis could tell Jay anything.

"I just... Couldn't, okay? I'm her only son so I know she's expecting grandchildren from me." He then explained to the others about the rule that the management had imposed on him. Liam was the only one to look at me.

"I don't like Louis in that way, mate." I held up my hands in surrender making the latter chuckle. What did he find so funny about that?

"Its okay, mate, you're not my type anyway." Oh. Why did that shock me? Because nearly everyone fancied me that was why. Nothing to do with me liking him in that 'way'. There was no way in hell that I batted for the other team. "Oh, yea, I need to bag a couple of tickets for El's friend."

"Don't worry, Lou, I already did that a few days ago. El just didn't know 'cause I kept it quiet." Josh smiled wiping his face. Man, spicy chicken could get everywhere. Why did Niall even bother giving him a piece? Hold on, the blonde was already giving him another piece! Niall never ever shared his food.

"What?" He asked, stuffing another chicken piece into his mouth. The two were also sitting very close together. I made a note of talking about it later with Niall. The blonde was obviously oblivious to their interaction.

"Nothing." I then glanced down at my phone strolling through Twitter. Cecily had been replying to her fans' concern. I couldn't help but smile at her recent Tweet;

@CC_Alison: I would like to thank everyone who has been posting their concerns. I feel a lot more better now (': xx

Before I could stop myself, I was already typing out a Tweet to her. Who knew why I did it?

@Harry_Styles: @CC_Alison Good. He was an idiot for doing that after all x

A blush formed over my cheeks as soon as I realised what I had done. I had added a kiss at the end of my Tweet to her. Shite! I had to hit enter too, didn't I? Please don't let the boys see it, please don't.

"Harry couldn't you wait until things about her video have calmed down mate? By the way, I think the kiss is a little bit creepy." I looked over to Niall who had his phone in his hands. It was obvious that he had seen the Tweet. The comment had my cheeks go hotter at the mere thought of it.

"Aw!" Louis exclaimed pulling me into a bear hug. Ugh! This wasn't doing my back any good. "Hazza's looking out for his girlfrieeeeenddd!" I tried to wiggle out of his arms but his hold became tighter.

"Its not like that; we don't know each other!" I tried to protest but I knew they wouldn't let it drop.

"Doesn't she live in your neighbourhood?" Liam suddenly asked, making me turn to him. I didn't know that and, yet, in most of her videos she was outside in a familiar looking place. "Wow, its seems you were so concentrated on a girl to notice her surroundings. Haz, mate, I really thought you knew."

"Just don't go stalking her," Josh joked with a smirk. Why would I even do that?

"Oh! She's replied to your Tweet." Niall's Irish voice cut through my internal rage. I quickly looked down at my feed and smiled when I saw that she had indeed replied.

@CC_Alison: @Harry_Styles Thanks for being the only to point that out Mr Styles, my brothers haven't once done so xx

"Mr Styles? She's flirting with him." Louis and Liam both got out their phones. It was obvious that they wanted to see this too. Josh looked over Niall's phone.

"Wow. Isn't it usually Harry the one to flirt with others?" Niall looked towards him and sighed before leaning against him.

"Women have flirted with me before." I defended myself because it was true. Especially the older variety. I couldn't help it if I was so damn good looking, okay? Not that many of the women made me feel anything. The tabloids liked to make nothing into something. It drove me up the wall!

"Which is annoying." Liam grumbled. "Can't you just get a girlfriend so that your reputation can be saved?" He was right. He was always right but I needed someone to keep up it with my antics and trust me enough for that?


It was two hours before the shows that the comments became visible on Twitter. Well, of what I saw. I only wanted to check my feed for a second before I went back to dress rehearsals. The first comment had hit home, making me drop my phone. I didn't think anyone would have noticed until a voice hit my ears;

"What's with the face, Hazza?" I didn't look up from where my phone was lay upon the stage. I already knew who it was anyway; no one could ever forgot such a chirpy Yorkshire accent. "Harry." A hand waved over my face but I still didn't look up.

"Hey!" I gasped when Louis picked up my phone. I was surprised it wasn't broken. An intense look morphed over his face as he strolled through the Tweets. Ugh! He shouldn't be reading them.

"Don't listen to this bullshit! They're just jealous," he commented holding it in front of me. Reluctantly, I pulled the phone from his grasp, locked it and put it into my pocket. "D'you hear me?"

"Yea." I turned towards the entrance to backstage.

"Where are you going?" I heard Liam shout over from the edge of the stage. I hesitated before looking over my shoulder.

"I need to clear my head." I forced a smile. It was mainly for Louis and Niall's sake that I pulled such an expression. "I'll be back before we go live." With that, I leave the stage and began my aimless walk...


[A/N: Just a wee warning of a self-harm. I don't wish anyone to do this as it is heart breaking. No one should resolve this.]

I locked myself in the dressing room, making sure that no one could get in. The boys didn't need to know about this. When I did this the first time, it was after our first live performance*. It wasn't difficult to find a sharp object because I had hidden a shard of glass after Louis (and his hyperness) had accidently broken the mirror. I did it without anyone spotting me.

I checked the time on my watch and realised that we had an hour and half until show time. I looked at the piece of glass and thanked my lucky stars that I had wore a short sleeve shirt to rehearsal (I could change before we hit the stage). Slowly, I pressed it against the skin on my wrist and hissed as the familiar stinging coursed through my body. It felt good. I slid the glass along my write and let a giddy smile align my lips as crimson liquid began to drip from my tan skin. This always made me feel good. It made me wonder why I even stopped. It was the knock on the door that made me remember.

"Harry!" Louis. Who else? Sure, he had the ability to make me laugh like a hyena but the older male had a much mature side to him too. It was just that the fans never saw. I didn't respond and the knocking continued. I made an cut along my wrist. "Harry, I know what you're doing. Let me in before you faint!" It was too for my surroundings began to darken and I found myself falling to the floor with a head bursting bang.


End Notes:

* = The boys performed on the game show created by Simon Cowell. (Red & Black). It was their first single and Harry, sadly, didn't have much breath on his solo so it came out croaky. If you're reading this (here's to hoping), I'd like to say it was your first live show and anything could have happened. Just know that it was one small mistake and you had four guys there to comfort you. Remember, that everyone makes mistakes everyday. Its part of human nature and, as for those Tweets, they were too harsh. Sure, comments from the fans seemed fake but they did so out of heart.

Apologises for the lateness in this and I want you to know that I know people who have resolved to this. It pains me to think/write about this but I wanted to point it out. People do this as a release or as a way to feel some pain because sometimes other things make them feel numb. Well, that's my opinion on the matter. I really hope none of the boys do this because that would hurt the most. I respect them because they work hard, think of others and deserve all of the fans they have earned over the past few years. Keep it up, boys!

Chelsea Leigh xx

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