Break A Nose, Mend A Heart

Cecily is an amateur when it comes to writing music and being a You Tube star. As soon as she is given 1D gig tickets off her twin brother, she doesn't know what to do with the second ticket. Bring in Lawrence her older brother who's only doing it to get the girl's ex off her back. But was the boy expecting a broken nose and a 1D boy to fix his little sister's heart? No. Nor was he expecting a sassy guy to catch his eye.


No Romance between Larry Stylinson [Louis/Harry], Boy-on-boy, Kissing, swearing [they're teenagers] & a broken nose


This is fan-made fiction. None of the guys of One Direction or any celebrities are involved with me in any way. Nor was anyone hurt during the writing of this -,-


2. Second Chapter: Everyone Has Their Secrets


\| everyone has their secrets |/

#} Louis' POV {#

"Louis!" Eleanor's voice entered my ears as I continued to sleep. My head was still pounding from last night. "Louis William Tomlinson, get your lazy arse out of this bed right now." Did she just call my prefect arse 'lazy'? She was so going to get it later. Tickled that was; she hated it.

"Just another half an hour," I yawned before pulling the covers over my head to resume my slumber.

"I'd expect this behaviour from Zayn but from you?" This time the voice wasn't Eleanor's. It was Harry's. What did he want? "Lou, never go out drinking if you have rehearsals the next day." I shot up from beneath the covers and looked over to him.

"Well its Stan's birthday so Niall, Josh and I went out with him. Niall and Josh stayed later than me," I groaned out the compliant since I still had this pounding in my head.

"And yet Li text me to say they were at the studio first thing. For Christ's sake, Louis, I expect it from Zayn but you're always there before me or him." What could I tell him; that I actually snuck off to a gay bar to have a drunken fondle with a stranger in the loos. He would never forgive me.

"I must have drunk more than Niall." I decided to play it cool and lie my way out of it. I was good at acting after all. Eleanor nor Harry had to know the truth. He sighed and strolled over to the door.

"Whatever. Just get dressed and I'll give you a lift to the studio. We're already two hours behind thanks to you." This just left Eleanor to contend with. She folded her arms in apparent disgust.

"You're lying," she stated as deep frown aligned her usual beautiful smile. It made me gulp since she was the female version of me. This is what made me want to befriend her in the first place. "Stan said you disappeared for about two hours. How could you on your friend's birthday?"

"Um," was all I managed before she raised a hand halting my train of thought. Which was blank by the way.

"I can let this slide if you give us two tickets for your next gig. I have a friend who's been looking for a while now." Why was Eleanor being this way?

"You and your friend will be welcome backstage," I told her with a nervous chuckle. She shook her head as though telling me that it wasn't for her.

"My friend - colleague - has a sister who loves you guys." That made me smile imagining a fourteen year old Directioner squealing our names. "Its surprising that he even gets on with her since she's his twin." I frowned at that. So she was really our age? "You've got it; good boy. Anyway, just pass on the tickets to me and I'll drop them off when I go to our next shoot." I nodded my head with a light smile. "Also, its best you don't tell Harry of your drunken adventures as it may scar him. I hope he was cute; the guy you got off with." I felt my cheeks heat up as she walked out of the door. What the hell was that? Eleanor knew what I got up without me telling her. I wondered how she could know what I get up without seeing it. My 'girlfriend' was strange in that aspect.


"How was your lay in?" Liam snapped as I entered the studio. Yea, that was one thing I could count on was him having a hissy fit. It was expected of after all; Daddy Direction. "Louis, you know to never miss rehearsals."

"Sorry," I mumbled walking onto the stage. "I drank a lot more than I should have." A hand grasped my shoulder and I turned to see a grinning Niall.

"Really; ya disappeared for two hours, mate. Where'd ya go?" He walked over to where Josh was (which was at his drum set) and grabbed a drum stick. Leaning over him, Niall began to hit symbols.

"Urm, for fresh air?" I replied now realising that I didn't have an eligible excuse.

"I thought you went home before Niall and Josh?" Harry asked as he flipped the microphone in his hands. Liam gave him a cautious when Harry almost failed to catch it.

"I... I did," I stuttered. What was this; Pick on Louis day? "I just, uh, needed some-"

"Fun?" Zayn's voice asked as he waved a newspaper before me. "Apparently you had a ball at a gay bar. Well, its says here you and some guy had a private party." My cheeks went hot as I snatched the paper from him and read the article. A picture accompanied it although it wasn't really clear. It was shoddy photography work.

"Louis?" Harry looked at me as if ask 'why didn't you tell me?' Damn, I didn't know how I could get away with it. Not now that Zayn (who I thought was on my side) had produced evidence, I couldn't lie to the boys anymore.

"I think... I think its me. Yea, I know what it looks like but hear me out. I'm-" Liam cut me off.

"Gay? Right, that's fine. What I don't get is why you didn't tell us. Louis, we're mates; you can tell us anything." He folded his arms, still looking at me. "We won't judge you."

"I... I know... Its just that... The fans..." I found myself stuttering once more. I was nervous, damn it. Liam sighed and pulled out his phone when it began to ring.

"Management," he said before going backstage to take the call. Shite, I was going to be in such huge trouble wasn't I? Liam returned moments later giving me a smypathic expression. How did I know?

"After this management wants to see you." I thought as much. Management were strict bastards after all. "I'm sure its about something else," he tried to assure me but I already knew what they wanted. It was written on his face. Suddenly, Niall slammed his drum stick down on one of the drum skins causing a loud bang.

"Can we practice? I'm getting hungry here!" He whined making us all chuckle. The blonde could be so adorable at times. Josh leaned back into Niall and sighed shaking his head.

"Don't worry, Leprechaun, I'll take you to Nando's later. My treat." Josh was the only one who could call Niall that as normally he would snap if it were anyone else. Pink dusted along the blonde's cheek as he looked at Josh. It looked awkward since their faces were inches apart.

"O..kay," he stuttered before picking up the drum stick and moving away. Wow, I've never seen Niall to be so embarrassed before. Something was definitely up and I was going to find out what.


Modest Management, although they weren't so modest, had been there since day one. They were in charge of everything we did. I mean everything. As soon as we signed, they phoned up our families and friends to get them to sign another contract. This time agreeing that they keep anything to do with the band a secret. As if my mum couldn't do that. She was the queen of cool. There again, the twins could be excitable when they wanted to be.

Harry went with me when I got into the car to go to their building. Our minder, Paul Higgins, was driving us there. He said that he had wanted to but I knew that management didn't trust me to go on my own. Which was typically. The building always gave me shivers because, with its height, it gave off an intimidating air. This made it feel unwelcoming and, the feeling was right because the visits always ended on a low. This meeting wouldn't be so different. I think Harry had sensed this because he was with me.

"How may I help you?" The sharply dressed woman asked behind the reception, when we had entered the building and went to announce ourselves. She was blonde and looked as if she should be a model. Harry was the first to speak, putting on his charm straight away. This was typical of him after all.

"Louis Tomlinson," he pointed to me, "And I'm Harry Styles. I don't know how you can help me but I'd like to help you with anything you have on offer." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively at her, promising everything on a plate. The woman didn't seem fazed by this and looked to me instead.

"Floor fifteen, conference room F. Mr. Paxton and Ms. Ball are waiting for you along with Mr. Cowell." That was where my concern grew. If Uncle Simon was here that meant I was in seriously deep trouble. The blonde gave Harry a wary look. "Um, is it possible to take your friend here? He looks as if he's taken something he shouldn't and, how do I put this, I've got a girlfriend."

"A girlfriend?" Harry asked, his facial expression turning downward at the news. Rolling my eyes, I grabbed his arms and dragged him over to the elevators. "Did I just get turned down by a lesbian?" His tone suggested to me that he couldn't believe what was happening. "I mean, I've had lesbians before but none have turned me down."

"Eh, mate, maybe she does want some Styles but wanted to be faithful to her partner." I gave me a good natured chuckle and pressed the button to call the elevator. "'Sides, I thought you wanted to settle than flirt around with anyone that has legs."

"I do but I keep getting rejected." He sighed, tugging a hand through his chocolate coloured curls. "Unless, you'd settle with me mate?" I allowed myself to blush, but shook my head.

"Sorry, Haz, but you're not my type. I'm not turned on by those lovely curls of yours but don't go changing." There was a ring as the elevator doors opened. "I mean, you'll find her. She's out there looking for a guy like you too." We both stepped into the lift and Harry hit the button that had the number fourteen on it. The doors sprang shut with annoying bell sound and an automated voice hit out ears;

'The lift is going up. Welcome to Modest Management, we hope everything will be your satisfaction. Now relax as we play you some music.'

I was about to laugh when Live While We're Young began to play. Harry grinned at me.

"Are they so nice and modest?" 'Nice' and 'Modest' were both empathised which made me chuckle. Who didn't say Harry was funny? Because he was effing hilarious!

"That or they're big creeps," I added with my grin. This had got him because he was holding his sides and laughing like a hyena. Yep, Harry Edward Styles laughed like this and only I could do that. Call it a gift or the fact my hot body helped him in the laughter. What? I'm hot, get over it. The elevator (A/N: Would it be better to say 'lift'? -^.^-) grinded to a stop.

'Floor fourteen; the conference chambers.' (A/N: I've never been to regal buildings before so I have no idea what I'm describing.)

Thank you, automated voice! Harry and I stepped out of the lift, and began the slow walk to conference room F. We counted by the letters on the door and noted, with great displeasure, that people were already in our allocated room. Ms. Ball opened the door for us and indicated that we sat in two chairs. They looked like those hard, uncomfortable ones they made you sit in during high school (primary school too) and were a disgusting green colour. I didn't complain because I was suddenly scared stiff again. Harry patted my shoulder and sat down next to me.

Ms. Ball sat next to Mr. Paxton (one of the heads of Modest Management) who was currently glaring at me. Simon looked calmly between the two of us; I was silently wishing that he had some sort of plan to get me out of this mess.

"Well, Mr Tomlinson I need to answer this honestly. Are you a homosexual, or in modern terms, gay?" Mr. Paxton's intimidating voice broke the heavy silence. I found myself trembling, almost sweating, beneath his hard gaze. "I'm waiting for an answer and I want to hear it now." I opened my mouth to tell him the truth...




Uh oh, spaghetto! I left you on a ye ol' cliffhanger so I has. *giggles* Welp, I shall be posting in Harold's POV next chapter (Harry fans cheer here) =;3

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