Break A Nose, Mend A Heart

Cecily is an amateur when it comes to writing music and being a You Tube star. As soon as she is given 1D gig tickets off her twin brother, she doesn't know what to do with the second ticket. Bring in Lawrence her older brother who's only doing it to get the girl's ex off her back. But was the boy expecting a broken nose and a 1D boy to fix his little sister's heart? No. Nor was he expecting a sassy guy to catch his eye.


No Romance between Larry Stylinson [Louis/Harry], Boy-on-boy, Kissing, swearing [they're teenagers] & a broken nose


This is fan-made fiction. None of the guys of One Direction or any celebrities are involved with me in any way. Nor was anyone hurt during the writing of this -,-


1. First Chapter: Living With A Broken Heart


/| living with a broken heart |\

#} Cecily's POV {#

"First of all, I need to apologise for my absence the last month or so." I gazed at the camera that Lawrence was holding before me. He was helping me do a Vblog for my You Tube subscribers. "As some of you might have heard from Larry, I have been through something quite personal and..." I trailed off, unsure I should continue my sentence. My brother smiled encouragingly at me and I sighed. "And I thought I would tell you the reason because you deserve to know the truth. Here goes, it started on the seventh of August..." Here's what happened;

I was standing outside of Daniel's flat with his birthday present in hand. The plan was to surprise him with an unexpected visit and a day of pampering. In order to surprise him though, I had to enter his flat with the spare key he had made me. Admittingly, I practically lived with him since I was around here almost every day of the week.

"Who goes there?" I heard an unfamiliar female voice as soon as I unlocked the door and entered the flat. It made me freeze when I was about to lock the door after me. "I said who is it?" I turned to see a pretty blonde standing the hallway clad in Daniel's shirt and boxer shorts. What the-? "Oh, you must be Erin, Danny's sister. Are you here to set up for his birthday party?"

"Sister?" I asked suddenly aware that this girl was more than 'friends' with him. "Um, no, I'm-"

"CC?" Daniel's voice cut me off and my eyes turned onto him as he stood in the doorway of his bedroom. He was only wearing a pair of briefs. My heart stopped as the realisation kicked in. He hadn't cheated on me, had he?

"I was going to surprise you," I said in a low, robotic voice since my brain was currently short-circuting as something shattered inside of me. Stupidly, I held up Daniel's present. "Happy Birthday," I let a fake smile tug at my lips as he walked towards me to take it.

"Thanks, CC." When I let go, the blonde leaned against him to have nose, probably. "This is Vanessa; a friend of mine." I think that was when I finally felt my back bone straighten.

"Friend? A friend doesn't just walk out of your room, wearing your clothes!" I shouted, letting tears fall from my eyes. He reached out a hand but I slapped it away. "No! Don't you dare, bastard. I can't deal with this anymore." I took the spare key from my key chain and threw it at him. "I hope you and Vanessa are very happy together." I pulled open the front door. "I'll be changing my number so don't bother phoning me because you're dumped!" With that, I slammed the door after me still crying my eyes out.


"So that's why I've been on high hiatus," I finished telling the camera wiping at my eyes because it was still difficult to think, let alone talk, about. Lawrence switched off the camera and moved around to wrap his arms around me.

"You didn't have to do that, you know?" I sighed burrowing my head into his chest, hoping that I could get over this. I just had to.

"Its okay; they need to know, I had to get it off my chest anyway." I turned to my computer and loaded up You Tube to see comments on my page. Whoa! I certainly was missed. "Hm. I need to finish that song I was writing," I said to no one in particular even if my brother was about.

"Remind me, what was the song about?" He asked me making me pause. Oh god! I had forgotten about that. I grabbed my note pad and flicked through the book until I found the song. It was simply titled '2 Years' and then it went on about my feelings for Daniel. Hm.

"I could just turn the ending into despair and see what happens," I shrugged looking through the lyrics I had down so far. "I've still got to finish 'Doubts' as well," I added suddenly remembering.

"Hm. Be careful, Cecily, it could end up being too depressing. There again, you're good at venting your feelings." Lawrence patted a hand against my shoulder to reassure me. "Don't forget, we're going to Dad's tomorrow for dinner." I mentally groaned. How could I forget? My phone has been buzzing every five minutes with texts from the man to remind me. "He's been texting me all day about it. Apparently Horrid Henry's going to be there too."

"Larry, don't call him that; he's actually quite kind when he's not with his friends." Add the fact that my twin is now a contracted model. How I envy him! But, still, my friends have been crowding me for a while asking if Hendrick was single. Honestly, it was really annoying.

"You're only saying that because he's your twin brother." Is that what he honestly thought? I was the middle child (I was about fifteen minutes older than Hendrick) so I thought I had to get with both of my brothers. "Man, I'm glad Mum doesn't bother us like this."

"Mum lives in Manchester remember? We're all the way down London. It makes sense." We did call her whenever we could to keep her in the loop so that she didn't worry about us. My phone suddenly rang indicating that I had a text. Lawrence laughed at my ring tone.

"Is that the parody of One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful?" I grinned at him.

"Of course, dear. Even if I respect them, I can't help it if I have a sense of humour." I opened up my text and was glad it wasn't from Dad. This probably meant that he had ran out of credit which was a relief.

From: Henry

I have good news, Twinnie! You know how you love me and how I can get you anything? Well, I might have blagged a couple of tickets for a One Direction. Go me! I'll be seeing you tomorrow to give them to you. Send my love to Lauren. Bye, honey! x

"Who was it?" Lawrence asked me as I re-read the message from my twin brother. "CC!" He moaned making me snap out of my thoughts.

"Oh, it was Henry. He's got me tickets for a band," I explained to him because, with Hendrick's schedule, it was rare for him to contact us.

"Lucky sod! So, what band is it? Not Jedward." I giggled remembering when Hendrick had gotten Lawrence tickets to see that band for his birthday. He had never forgiven my twin brother.

"Unlike you, Larry, Henry gives me better bands. It just so happens that half of the girls at school would rip off my arm to see this band." That had gotten his attention since he turned away from his own computer. "Two words; One Direction."

"Whoa! How did the lucky bastard manage that? All my years as a You Tuber and I've never been able to get such tickets." I shrugged because I really didn't know.

"I guess being a model means he's got the right contacts. And why would that bother you? You don't like that band or that was the impression I've been getting." It was Lawrence's turn to shrug.

"They're a huge band so I'm just surprised he would get those kind of tickets. Why couldn't he have gotten Rizzle Kicks or Olly Murs? I'd like to go see them."

"Yes, me too but I can't just reject them can I?" It was nice of Hendrick after all. I quickly typed out a reply;

To: Henry

Thanks! I'll look forward to seeing you x

"Right, I'm making us some dinner." Lawrence announced standing out of his sit.

"By the way, Henry said 'Hi Lauren.'" That made him pause at the door. He spun around on his heel to glare at me. I held up my hands in surrender. "Don't give me that look, I'm the messenger remember?"

"I'm going to strangle him tomorrow," he growled and left the room with me in a fit of giggles. My brothers could be so comical at times. I think they didn't know the gift they had would be so entertaining. I quickly fished my phone out again.

To: Henry

Just a heads up, Larry's going to strangle you x


Dinner at our father's was always fun since the old man couldn't actually cook. Sometimes Larry and I would cook for everyone but since everyone seemed too excited with the tickets, we ordered a Chinese.

"We should have gotten Nando's," Hendrick complained opening his oil-free Chinese curry. My twin brother had recently got his teeth whitened which meant he couldn't have any food that had oil in it. Which was extremely difficult since a model's diet involved it. I bet it was hard when he was at work.

"Cheer up, son," Dad grinned choosing to eat some ribs we had ordered. Hendrick had paid since he was in such a good mood until that was. "You look like you've been fucked up the arse by one of those fags." Placing down his curry, my twin brother glanced over to our father.

"For the record, I wouldn't mind which gender I was with as long as it is love." As soon as that word left his lips, Lawrence dropped his chopsticks and stared at him.

"Horrid Henry is in love?" I could see his point since Hendrick had never used such a word before. Of course he had many girlfriends (some boyfriends) throughout most of our school years. He studied part time at university, whilst I was a full-time student. It was surprising that I managed my studies whilst making pointless videos for You Tube.

"So who is... This person?" Dad fully understood my twin brother's sexuality since he had seen the amount of people he dated.

"I can't tell you that since they already have someone so they're out of reach." Lawrence smiled at that rolling his eyes.

"It is very typical of you to fall for someone who's forbidden." I would have smacked him if he wasn't right. Hendrick's first ever crush was the rather hunky science teacher we had in year nine. It was rather pathetic to be honest.

"Larry, stop making fun of your brother. Unrequited love is very common these days." Dad sighed because he knew the meaning of those words. He still loved our mum, it was evident in his eyes. I wish there was some way of getting the two reconcile but, so far, no. My mother was currently dating a guy, who looked like he was from a rugby team. Huge! I really didn't envy our father at that moment in time.

"Its okay, Dad. Larry's right, I always seem to fall for the wrong person. Speaking of which," he wiped his hands on a napkin before pulling something out of his pocket, "These are for you, CC." He handed me the tickets for the One Direction gig.

"Thanks but how does that remind you of this?" I held up the tickets and he shrugged.

"Let's just say that the person I like is a mutual friend of the guys in that band." Lawrence smiled once more and winked at me. It was as if he knew who our brother was pining after. It made me wonder who this mutual source of Hendrick's could be.



For the next chapter, I meant put it in either Larry or Louis' POV but we'll see. I hope you enjoy the first chapter. Apologises if there were any boring bits ^^ They're like fillers but important to the story.

Until next time,

Chelsea Leigh xx

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