Love Compares

its about a teenage girl who got kicked out home once she turned the age of 18. She's been living on the street for 2 years. what happeneds when a particular person takes her in and gives her a right life? - One Direction Fan Fiction.


4. The conversation

Louis P.O.V

Once i turned the ignition on in the car i started driving towards my flat. Alex just sat there peering out the window, she looked really pretty, even though she was covered in dirt and had barely any clothes on covering her, she was absolute beauty. After driving for 5 minutes in silence, i decided to start a conversation.

Me: "so where abouts are you from?" she looked over at me and sighed,

Alex: "I'm from Brisbane, Queensland what about you?" wow she was from Australia, thats why she has that strong Australian accent. Me: "I'm from Doncaster, London" she peered at me and smiled, then she answered "I've always wanted to go there for when i finished school, but i never really got the chance to." I glanced over to her for a second, she had a glum look on her face, i know what might cheer her up! "Hey Alex, when you, the boys and myself get to know each other a bit more, would you like to come and visit London with us?" She had one of the most beauifulest smiles i ave ever laid eyes on, she smiled and said "err... yeah. but how would i pay for my ticket for a plane and clothes and all that other jazz?" looked like she didn't know who i was, i smiled at her response and asked. "Do you know the  band One Direction at all?" she looked over to me and shrugged her shoulders then shook her head no. "Well.... I'm in that band, me and the boys would have plenty of money to spare." "no no no, Lou I don't want you or the boys spending any money on me!" i smiled and said "Trust me, it's fine. When we get home, you can have a shower then were going shopping." she just nodded, but she didn't look too pleased. This girl, was pretty hard to figure out. I never asked why she had bruises and cuts all over her body, but it's concerning me. We arrived at the house, we stopped at the gate, i wound down my window and put the pass code in, before i started to drive i looked over to Alex, she had fallen asleep. I smiled and waited for the gate to open, once it did i drove through slowly not wanting to wake Alex. I arrived at the carport and turned off the car, i gently cradled Alex in my arms she looked so delicate and fragile when she was asleep. I shut the car door and walked up to the house, i opened the door gently, not wanting to disturb her sleep and walked to my room, the boys were home they all looked puzzled, i just kept walking and put Alex down on my bed. I covered her with the blanket and grabbed some clothes and walked into the bathroom to change. When i returned she was still asleep, i walked out and shut my door quietly and headed downstairs to the boys.

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