Love Compares

its about a teenage girl who got kicked out home once she turned the age of 18. She's been living on the street for 2 years. what happeneds when a particular person takes her in and gives her a right life? - One Direction Fan Fiction.


5. Questions

(still Louis' P.O.V)

I sat down on the couch and all the boys looked over to me, Niall was sitting in one of the bean bags across the room, Zayn was sitting in the arm chair beside me,  Harry was sitting next to me on the couch and Liam was sitting on the ground next to Harry's feet. Once i was sitting down they all started bombarding me with questions. "How did it go?" Liam asked. He is always the calm one about things and always caring in situations like these. "Yeah, is she okay?" Niall asked. "What happened?" Harry then  stated. "Guys, guys stop and let me explain everything. It went okay, she's just a bit shaken up that she's here, she needs some time to adjust to everything, she's okay, but im concerned about her, cause when i was talking to her she had bruises and cuts all along her forearm and on her legs." i answered them, they all still had that questiony look on their faces. Zayn then spoke up and asked. "How long has she been asleep for?" I really didn't know, so I just assumed. "She's been asleep for about an hour, she was asleep before i rocked up at the gate." they all nodded in usion.


Alex's P.O.V

While Louis was driving my eyes started to droop, i really didn't want to fall asleep in the car, but it was quiet so i may just rest my eyes. I woke up somewhere different, where the hell am I? I was sitting on something really comforting, it looked like and felt like a bed, what the hell am I doing in someone's bed? I was so confused until i rememebered that i went home with Luke, Lauchlennn... no no no, Louis, yeah Louis. I decided to hop up and look around. I opened the door and walked downstairs i saw all the boys watching T.V including Louis, none of them heard me so i said "Louis? Umm where am I?" All the boys looked up to me from where they were sitting, Louis smiled then answered. "Alex your awake, come sit down love, your at mine and the boys flat, as you agreed to staying here, you fell asleep in the car, so i carried you upstairs to my bed and covered you with a blanket. I didn't want to wake you up." "Oh, I'm so sorry, i didn't mean to fall asleep, I don't want to use you guys, I'm really sorry, i think i might just go." i felt terrible, i fell asleep in the car and i slept in one of their beds, i don't want to use them like that. "Alex" one of them said i looked up to who it was, it was the guy with currly hair and  green eyes, i think his name was Harry. "Uhh..Yeah?" He turned around to face me, I was sitting on the couch next to Louis and him. "It's okay, your not using us; your'e just a little overwhelmed at what's happening at the moment, we offered for you to stay here and we are more than welcome for you to stay for a while." He said and smiled after his little speech. I smiled then said "Thankyou guys so much, how am i going to re pay you?" they all looked at each other then said "You can make it up to us, by allowing us to take you shopping." I knew there was a catch. I sighed then rolled my eyes. They all seemed that was funny and laughed, especially the blonde one, his laugh was cute and funny it made me laugh aswell. "Okay fine" They all cheered.

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