Love Compares

its about a teenage girl who got kicked out home once she turned the age of 18. She's been living on the street for 2 years. what happeneds when a particular person takes her in and gives her a right life? - One Direction Fan Fiction.


12. Continue on from bowling and surprise party.

Louis P.O.V

I woke up to someone unwrapping my arms around someones waist. I looked up and Alex was trying to get out of my grip. I smiled and i leant up to her and she bent down to me and we kissed passionatley. We were interrupted by someone barging in on us... Niall. "Guyss get-" he looked at us then froze then he blushed and continued on with what he was trying to say. "Guys. you need to get upand get dressed. we have breakfast made for you both. Make sure you guys wear something elegant." he said the last part and winked at me, reminding me about today. "Ok ok. we get it" i heard Alex laugh. "We'll get dressed in a second, or as soon as you leave" I added in.


Hey guys. i will finish the rest soon. im just really busy with assignments and stuff ): I will add on when i get time... oh and trust me there is going to be a lot of drama in this fan fiction. (:

cheers.. Ashlee xx

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