Love Compares

its about a teenage girl who got kicked out home once she turned the age of 18. She's been living on the street for 2 years. what happeneds when a particular person takes her in and gives her a right life? - One Direction Fan Fiction.


7. Confession

Louis P.O.V

When I heard what happened to Alex I stopped what I was doing and ran after her. I don't know where she could be, but I really needed to find her, I need to confess something to her, I actually like her, way more as a friend. I ran out the double doors just to be stopped by Alex sitting on the bonnet of our car crying. I walked over to her and sat beside her on the bonnet, luckily there were no screaming girls, I bet they are all inside talking and having pictures taken with the guys. I turned to look over at Alex, she had tears streaming down her face, she looked over to me and sighed. "Lou, I'm really sorry about before, I just couldn't take it, I didn't even know that you had a girlfriend, please forgive me, i will leav-" I cut her off and kissed her, it was amazing; she was kissing back, we kissed for about 30 seconds before i pulled back. She had the most surprised look on her face, it made me feel good inside. "Alex, you don't have to appologise about what happened before, if she had said that and i wasn't in a pleasent mood, i would have done that too, so dont you worry. and Alex when a fan says that me or one of the guys are their girlfriends its not true, they just say that because they wish that we would date us. Alex I'm the one that loves you, I do love my fans, but not in a girlfriend way; you're the one i want to spend the rest of my life with. When i saw you three days ago in the garbage bin, i instantly had been falling for you, you are perfect. Alex would you please do the onours and be my offical girl-" I was cut off with her kissing me, we pulled away and she nodded. "Yes Lou, I will be your girlfriend." That was one of the most happiest things that had made my day, and apart from spending time with Alex.


Harry's P.O.V

When I finished shopping with the boys to get Alex some decent clothes, we walked out into the carpark to see Alex and Louis kissing on the bonnet of the car. Liam, Niall and Zayn were smirking, I was trying to act happy for them, but i couldn't i really liked Alex, no scratch that i loved Alex, since the first time i met her, when Louis told us to walk home, i wanted to stay with her, when i held her waist from hurting herself anymore from punching that girl, i really just wanted to kiss her. But i knew that Louis liked her, when she was asleep the first night here, all Louis could do was tell us all about her and that he liked her, and every few minutes he would check on her. But i dont want to ruin their relationship, Louis been through a lot of hard ones, so i may aswell just stick to the one night stands, or i could officially find someone for me.


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