Love Compares

its about a teenage girl who got kicked out home once she turned the age of 18. She's been living on the street for 2 years. what happeneds when a particular person takes her in and gives her a right life? - One Direction Fan Fiction.


11. Bowling and Surprise party

Alex's P.O.V

I fell asleep to someone soothing me, they had tucked me into this really compfortable bed, taken my shoes off and kissed my forehead, im assuming it was Louis. The next morning i woke up with someone lighly snoring next to me, i ended up sleeping in the crook of his neck. I looked up and it was surely the boy i love, Louis. I didn't want to wake him up, as he looked so cute when he's asleep. I just layed awake for about 15 minutes thinking and remembering about it being my birthday today. It's been about roughly a week that i have stayed here. Louis and the boys including Paul their body guard have been extremely nice and caring towards me. I now think of them all being my brothers, apart from Paul as he is like a dad to all of us, and Louis he is my boyfriend. I cant believe that, it just replays in my head, Louis William Tomlinson is my boyfriend. As i start to untwine his arm from my waist he starts to stir, then he eventually wakes up. He looks down at me and smiles then we kiss passionately, well i assume this is going to be a good birthday if its going to be like this.

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