Love Compares

its about a teenage girl who got kicked out home once she turned the age of 18. She's been living on the street for 2 years. what happeneds when a particular person takes her in and gives her a right life? - One Direction Fan Fiction.


15. A/N

Hey guys!! If you like this book, please comment, otherwise i wont bother updating... :) cheers guys. plus i need 4 girls to play characters in the book. 

1- Harry's soon to be girlfriend

2- Niall's soon to be girlfriend

3- Liam's soon to be girlfriend

4- Zayn's soon to be girlfriend

The first four to comment their name, personality, looks and the guy she wants to be with, will earn herself a spot in the upcoming chapters!! So please comment and read this.. 

Competition ends on Sunday 15th September, 2013. 


- Ashlee xoxo <3

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