could this be true

when Chloe is abused by her mom and she tries to run away but will she bump it to a person she never thought she would.....BY THE WAY THIS IS MY FIRST FAN FIC EVER!!!!!! and it may contain some strong language


5. tears

a/n what do you guys think comment and follow thanks x

MaggieS POV:

i hate that girl im gonna kill her uhh she is such a bitch how could she tell them ages ago i told her when i killed her father right infront of her i said dont tell anyone about this or what i am going to do to you now which is beat you do you understand she nodded and i punched her it felt good she is gonna get it whhen i get out



me and harry have been dating for 2 weeks now and its going great he said i can meet the boys soon im really shy and scared i heard the postman and went to get the post.there was one for me harry came up from behind and kissed my cheek and said whats wronge i had tears in my eyes and he read the letter i had to go to court aand my mum was going to be there lukly harry was going to be there for me


a/n hey sorry forgot to say the went shopping and had a good time she got nice clothes xx

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