could this be true

when Chloe is abused by her mom and she tries to run away but will she bump it to a person she never thought she would.....BY THE WAY THIS IS MY FIRST FAN FIC EVER!!!!!! and it may contain some strong language


11. sorry

Chloe Pov:

i woke up because harry tripped coming in but he did say sorry i saw zayn and i was scared but then he started to explain the whole thing and how he was truly sorry so i forgave him and everything was back to normal and me and harrys relation ship was gettin stronger all the time it was great 

Zayns pov

 i explained the whole thing to Chloe and she understood so everything was fine but i had a few feelings for her she so sweet and kind, snap out of it zayn she is out with harry she obviously dose not love you but i will try to woo her some how ill just have to take my time but i did say  i had to goo even tho i wanted to kiss her her smile was adorable but i restricted myself from it and left  


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