could this be true

when Chloe is abused by her mom and she tries to run away but will she bump it to a person she never thought she would.....BY THE WAY THIS IS MY FIRST FAN FIC EVER!!!!!! and it may contain some strong language


2. running into someone you would never think to



i ran as fast as i could and fell over a bit of a time and i winced in pain because i felt like i have broken my leg and arm but i kept running and the i heard my mum say GET BACK HERE I WILL FIND YOU AGAIN SO DAY CHLOE AND WHEN I DO I AM GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!! i kept running and she chased me i clime onto a roof of a house so she couldnt see me she stomped and went back to the house yes i stood up and was about to get down when this curly guy with green eyes said what are you doing i screamd with tears in my eyes and fell off the roof i felt pain all over and saw the guy pick me up and with that i blacked out




i saw this beautful girl with green eyes standing on the roof i asked what was she doing big mistake she fell off the roof i dashed over to pick her up she looked lifeluss and so skinny i saw the tears in her eys dripping down and blood from her wrist her eyes were open but she wasnt breathing i got in the car and put her in the back and drover to the hospital when i got there the doctors dashed over and took her avay i was so wooried even though i have just seen her the just then i got a phone call it was the boys asking where i was i told them the story and they were on there way to the hospital when they arrived they saw me and i was actrully crying i link i love her


a/n omg whats gonna happen next

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