could this be true

when Chloe is abused by her mom and she tries to run away but will she bump it to a person she never thought she would.....BY THE WAY THIS IS MY FIRST FAN FIC EVER!!!!!! and it may contain some strong language


13. Let me in

Chloe pov:
I can't believe that Harry cheated on me I thought he loved me. But I guess not he is to busy snogging the face of another girl can't believe it but I did tell him I you cheat on my I will slit my wrist and we he does not care anymore about me so that's when I ran into the bathroom got his electric razor and slit it hurt like hell I went deeper in each cut I kept going till I stopped when I heard a knock on the door and Harry saying "LET ME IN CHLOE I DIDN'T CHEAT I SWEAR IT WAS MY EX SHE KISSED I TRIED TO GET AWAY BUT I COULDN'T JUST LET ME IN PLEASE I LOVE YOU" I wanted to let him in but I couldn't I kept slitting but I went too deep and collapsed and everything went black......

Harry's pov:

I ran into the house and banged on the bathroom door I heard a whimp I knew it was chloe she was slitting her wrist oh god I panicked and I shouted to her and tried to explane but I heard someone drop into the bath I ran at the door to see chloe lying in the bath with the water running and her with the ELECTRIC razor in her hand still I quickly chucked it and pick her up I say her wrist covered with blood and cuts I felt so bad she went deep I quickly covered it in a banged and called the ambulance they came and gave her more blood they said she will be ok nothing to worry too much she just need rest she was sleeping peacefully on the couch I started to cry and then...........
A/n sorry I haven't updated in a while sorry will try to update 3 more times a day comment like and fav thanks xxxx
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