could this be true

when Chloe is abused by her mom and she tries to run away but will she bump it to a person she never thought she would.....BY THE WAY THIS IS MY FIRST FAN FIC EVER!!!!!! and it may contain some strong language


6. court

a/n sorry if chapters are too short please follow me love you guys x



today was the day of court and chloe was so scared i could tell but a the moment she was asleep she so beautiful when she is her arm cast it off but not her leg i still fell guilty about that but i just hve to make it up to her i woke her up with a soft kiss she fluttered her eyes open and she kissed back so beautiful it was 11 and we had to be there by 1 so we got changed and got in the car and went



we were heading to court i was shaking and curlled up in the seat harry held my hand while driving i  feel into a deep sleep and i woke up to harry shaking me my eyes fluttered open as he put me in my wheel chair cos i didnt want to use my chrutes we sat down and then i saw my mother i was frightened she tried to attack me but the body gardes held her back she sent me a death glare and went to her seat


*2 hours later* a/n sorry i skiped a bit


the case was over and she was jailed for 22 years i hope she dosnt exscape or she will murder me 

Maggies pov:

if i had friends i woud make them kill her but i dont and she got me jailed for 22 years i dont think so i will escape and murder her i will find her she better watch out !!!!!!


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