New Beginning.

i was being chased by someone that i new and then i find out that someone is so nice to me and helped me up. he is amazing and had hazel eyes. we met and then i stayed the night at his house. we got to know each other and things change in our lives.


4. Surprised

Kassia's P.O.V

Zayns sister walked through the door and he introduced her to all of us. her name was Shoshanna and she asked why i was crying and why the boys had blood on their faces. more tears formed in my eyes and Zayn saw and hugged me. i cried into his chest. i loved him so much but i couldnt handle seeing him get hurt. 

Zayn - why dont Kassia go help Louis clean him up and Shoshanna help clean me up and i will explain what is going on. 

Me- ok 

Shoshanna - OK

Louis walked of and i followed. we got into his room and walked in the bathroom. i got a cloth and wet it. i started to wipe away his tears when he kissed me. i was surprised and shocked. i pulled away and ran out crying into Zayn and i's room. i fell onto his and cried. 

Zayn - what happened?

Me - Louis kissed me

Zayn got up and through me into Shoshanna's arms. i struggled out and ran in front of him. Louis came out when Zayn was standing at his door. 

Zayn - dont touch her again or i will hammer you

Louis - why its not like i didnt hurt her. he winked at me.

i ran up and slapped him across the face then ran out the door. Louis went back into his room and Zayn followed me out. 


Kassia - why does this have to happen to me? what did i do to deserve this?

Zayn - nothing, your beautiful and when i first saw you i fell for you straight away im sure Louis had a reason. 

Shoshanna came running down the street and Zayn explained the rest of the story to her. she looked at me with my blue eyes building up with tears and hugged me. Shoshanna pulled Zayn asid. i didnt know what was going on but i saw Shoshanna slap Zayn across the face and that is when i ran up and fell into Zayns arms. he picked me up and carried me home. 

Zayns P.O.V

Shoshanna pulled me aside and asked if it was all true. i said yes it is and i didnt mean to get her pregnant. i didnt want this to happen at all. i love her to much to let this happen to he. i looked at her and she was building up with tears. 

Shoshanna- she is a child why would you put her through this. 

Zayn - i didnt mean to and what makes you say you can come in and control my life and my girlfriend. 

Shoshanna slapped me across the face and Kassia came running in and fell into my arms. i picked her up and carried her home. i layed her down on the couch and she fell asleep. Natasha came running out and made sure she was ok. she hugged me and said thank you for making sure that nobody hurt her. i said no problem.

Kassia's P.O.V

i was asleep on the couch and i herd Tash talking to Zayn. i woke up and saw Tash hugging him. i was happy, they are best friends. i sat up and Zayn ran to me to make sure i was ok. i was happy and giggled. Zayn pushed me back down jumped on me and started t tickle me. i am very ticklish and i was laughing a lot. i asked him to stop but he said only under 1 condition. 

Me - what condition is that?

Zayn - Come to my concert with me and the boys in 3 days

Me - fine ok i will. 

Zayn - promise?

Me - yes i promise. i kissed him on the cheek. he pulled me into a passionate kiss. everyone in the room all went awwwwwwww. Zayn looked up into my eyes and i looked into his. i looked into his eyes and giggled. 

Natasha wasnt in the room so i went and looked for her. the problem was i walked in on her and Niall kissing. i giggled and went awwww you two are cute. Tash got up and ran at me. i ran and jumped into Zayns arms yelling ZAYN SAVE ME!!!!!! Tash ran into Zayn and i laughed. Niall came out with his hair all messy. i explained to everyone what happened and i got a death stare from Natasha. i was scared at what she was going to do next. 


tomorrow is the concert and Zayn went out. i was showing a bit know and i have the wear a tight dress. i disagreed but i had to wear it. Zayn wasnt picking up his phone so i spent the day with Tash. we went walks and swimming on the beach. when we went in the water it was really cold and there were a few cute guys checking Natasha out. i giggled and she told them to back of. next thing you know we are being chased by paparazzi. we got in the car and drove to our place. 

by the time we got home it was 6 o'clock. we had a shower and got ready for bed. we had dinner and watched a bit of TV. the boys havent been with us all day and are meeting us there. 

i went to bed and i couldnt sleep. Zayn wasnt here with me to make me feel secure. finally i got to sleep at 1am and it was hard.

it was 9am when i woke up by Tash jumping on me and saying we have to go to get our nails done. i got up and got undressed to get in the shower. 10 minutes in the shower and i got out. i put on some aqua skinny jeans and a tank top. i put on some vans and went to blow dry my hair. once that was done i gave it a quick straighten and put on some brown eye shadow, mascara and eye liner. also some lip gloss. wwe left and got breaky while we were out. i had banana bread and so did Natasha. i had some coffee and so did Natasha. 

we got to the place where we were getting out nails done and we just got plain white French tip. my mum called and yelled in my face. she was being such a bitch. it was lunch timme and we had to get ready for the concert. i put on the dress and heels and re-straightened my hair. i went to the concert and walked straight into Zayn's dressing room. he ran to me and hugged me. i was happy to see him. 

2 hours later the concert started and i was back stage. at the end of the concert i was called out by Zayn. he sung me a song that  Ed Sheeran wrote called 'little things' i loved it. then Tash and i sung 'more than this'. we were amazing singers and the crowed went wild. 


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