New Beginning.

i was being chased by someone that i new and then i find out that someone is so nice to me and helped me up. he is amazing and had hazel eyes. we met and then i stayed the night at his house. we got to know each other and things change in our lives.


1. Running Away

Kassia's P.O.V

running through the heat into a beach crying. i had cuts all over my arms and legs. i was running away from a guy that had found me a few nights ago and that i only just dumped. he chasing me. i couldnt see anything past my tears and heard someone coming. i didnt get up and run at all because i was to scared. 

a soft hand had touched my shoulders. 

are you ok? someone had asked. 

yes thanks, trying to wipe away my tears. considering it was the beach i turned around and say the amazing hazel eyes of a guy that was at the beach for a day. he didnt have a shirt on and he was hot. 

did you want some help with anything? i herd from him

no thanks im just trying to get away. 

from who? is anyone hurting you?

His P.O.V

from who? is anyone hurting you?

i saw the blood going through her white jacket. knowing it was summer i didnt know why she would have it on. 

here let me help you i said. 

i dont know you though how can i trust you?

Kassia's P.O.V

how can i trust you? i saw him running towards my with the knife in his hand. 

he said, just let me help you, im Zayn..

im Kassia. he took my hand and asked if i wanted to g back to his place. i though for a minute and saw him getting closer and closer. so i said yes. we got into his car and drove away. the paparazzi was there and i asked why?

he was from One Direction. i had herd of them and i liked there music but i never really payed attention. my best friend loves them though. her name is Natasha. we got inside and i went into his apartment. he asked if i wanted a shower and to freshen up. 

ok i said thanks to. no problem with a reply. he got me a towel and i had my shower. i freshened up and put my cloths back on. came out into his room. he asked me to pull up my sleeve. i didnt though. 

please pull up you sleeves. Zayn said.

i did and he askedd who did this to me. i explained what happened as he was cleaning them up and bandaging them up. same with my legs. it hurt and a tear or 2 fell down my face but otherwise i was fine. by this time it was late. 

i told Zayn that i should probably get home when he asked if i wanted to stay the night. i wasnt in the state to drive home. i agreed and he said take my bed and i will take the couch. i argued with him about it and i finally gave in. i walked in his room and back out. he was already asleep. i went into is room and crawled in his bed and falling asleep. 

the next day i wake up and find myself with Zayn in the bed and 4 boys standing at the door all smiling. i freaked out. Zayn woke up with the boys giggling and i jump on him and wake him up. 

i look annoyed and he asked;

what did i do wrong?

nothing i say...

and he looks at the door and sees the band there. he tells them to piss of and then one of them said did i just here Zayn swear. 

Zayn says Lou dont get mad. 

he comes in and jumps on us. we both laugh. 

i get up and have another shower with Zayn getting out a tracksuit for me to wear. he offered if i wanted to chill with them for the day and i agree. Zayn said that i was one of the most beautiful girls he had met even sitting in a tracksuit. i blushed. he chased me out and down stairs and greeted me to all the boys. Louis came up to me and said we are going to be best friends. i froze for a minute and then we both laughed and fell on the floor. Niall asked if i liked Nandos and i said yes. Harry asked if i would date him. i said i would if Zayn wasnt here. he was sad and Zayn stared at me. i laughed with Liam as he told me to call him dad. ok i said.


Harry declares a water balloon fight and we all have one. Zayn told me to go up on the roof and we wait for the boys to come out. next thing out no they got up there another way and we were soaked. so we soaked them back. it was fun and Zayn and i were ganged up on. 

getting of the roof was another thing. i could get down and Zayn was down there. i asked  if i could have a little help and he said sure. i slide down and he catches me as im in the air still. im looking down into he hazel eyes and we are so close out noses are touching. someone through a water balloon at me and we end up in a kiss. we stay there for a while and then we let out f it and i say you can put me down now. 

i was blushing and walked in the room to find all the boys smiling and watching toy story. Liam was sitting on the couch with Niall and Harry resting there head on him. Louis was lying across them as a joke but didnt get of. Zayn snuck up behind me and grabbed my waist and carries me into the lounge onto another couch and i end up lying on him. looking into his eyes he kisses me. im blushing by this moment when suddenly RING RING RING RING. it was Natasha. my best friend. she has orange hair and sparkling blue eyes. i answer and say hey babe. she says hey do you want to meet up. Louis yells out bestie who is on the phone. i say Louis shut up for a minute. i forgot t tell you i am in one directions apartment. i pull the phone away from my ear because all i herd way OMG THIS IS AMAZING I THOUGHT YOU WERNT A FAN AND EVERYTHING I HAVE TO MEET THEM ESPECIALLY LOUIS!!!!!!!. um he can here you babe. Louis is staring at me with a huge smile on his face. she asked if she can meet them and i look at Zayn and he said sure text her the address.

within 10 minutes knocking is on the door. i answer and she comes running through and jumps on me and looks at the boys. she already knows who they are and introduces her self. she looks at Louis in shock that she is actually here and in there house. 

Louis ran up and asked if she liked carrots. she nodded and Louis said you are my carrot princess. she was laughing on the floor and hops up and says to me i cant believe i am actually here in there house talking to him.

i go back to the movie with Zayn and he asks where were we? i say ummmm i dont know with a smile on my face. he reaches back down and kisses me. 

the next day i have to go to school. i have moved in with Zayn already and im in his room with him. every morning the boys come in and jump on us. the next day at school everyone is talking about how i am living with one direction and stuff. people were coming up for autographs when i herd a whole heap of screaming behind me. i turn around and Zayn was there surrounded by girls. Tash and i walk up and asked what he was doing there. he said im visiting my girlfriend. i was confused and asked but i didnt no we are going out. he said Kassia Jade will you be my beautiful girlfriend. i jump on him and say yes of course iw ill. we end up kissing. he asked me where the office was. i ask why. he told me that he was signing me out for the day. the band was going out for the day and we had the apartment to ourselves. 

he signed me out and i said by to my girls and we went home. i got inside and put my things down and he pulled me by the waist onto the couch. he followed on me. i giggled and he kissed me. he asked if i wanted to join him for a shower and i say yes. race ya there. he jumps of me and we run down the hall way. he beats me and we hop in the shower. he leans down to my neck and starts kissing me. all i do is moan so he moves lower and i moan loader. he pushes me onto the wall and it turns out to be a make out session. we get out and we get dried after we still havnt got dressed and he pushes me on our bed. we have another make out session and i get a call. LETS GO CRAZY, CRAZY, CRAZY TILL WE SEE THE SUN, Natasha changed my ringtone on her phone number. at first i dont answer and then she rung a second time so i answered. she told me that Britney is in hospital because the x-boyfriend was at school looking for me and she got hurt trying to stand up for me. 

i say ill be there soon. i give Zayn another kiss and he jumps of me so i can get ready. i tell him as i get ready. he came with me and helped me. i ran into the emergency room and i was crying Natasha came up and hugged me and she said she is going to survive. i was relieved and i turned around and hugged him. then the nurse came out and said we could go in and see her. we ran in and Zayn and Louis followed me. we ran in and  were so happy she was awake. her face had bruises and was stiched up. i was so sad and cried into Zayns chest. i said this is all my fault.

Britney said no it wasnt he was the one that went there looking for trouble and he came up to us for you. i disagreed and Zayn was just brushing his fingers through my hair and he kissed my head. i was sad and crying more and more even more frightened then ever. i knew he was looking for me today and i told Zayn i was scared. he said dont worry beautiful. i wont let anything happen to you ever. 

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