New Beginning.

i was being chased by someone that i new and then i find out that someone is so nice to me and helped me up. he is amazing and had hazel eyes. we met and then i stayed the night at his house. we got to know each other and things change in our lives.


7. Drama...


Zayns P.O,V

i woke up with Kassia curled up in my chest clenching on my shirt. she was so cute and she looked really cold. i tried to get up without waking her but the problem was she was awake as soon as i got out of the bed. she followed me into the bathroom and as soon as i did my hair she messed it up straight away and ran down stairs. nobody at all was awake and i chased her down and through her over my shoulder. she screamed and one of her brothers came running down the stairs. 

Brother- whats wrong, who i dying??? 

Kassia- no one he is attacking me

Zayn- only  because you messed my hair up

Kassia- because it was the right time to do it.

Brother- oh ok cya

i carried on dragging her upstairs so we could pack to go back home. she was excited to be going home and seeing everyone again so we were going to leave this morning. i sent a text to Louis saying we are coming home and he said he missed us and wanted us to come home. because it was our house we said to Liam to keep the roof on it and i am worrying that the house is turned up side down. 

Kassia's P.O.V

i was upstairs packing my bags and half way through it i found a letter in my closet. i remembered the letter from when i finished high school and moved in with Zayn. it was from my ex boyfriend. 

Dear my baby,

why are you s beautiful, why did you leave me, i dont wont you to be sad but i dont want you to leave me. what did i do wrong and how do i fix thism just let me have your heart back and stay with me baby.

Love you.

tears came to my eyes and Zayn ran to me. he saw the letter and held me close. i told him i was going for a walk and asked if he can pack my bags. he was happy to do the for me. i was about to leave but i ran up and got my phone and ran back out. as i was walking i ran into Alex. he was one of the guys from his group who wanted to own me. 

Alex- hey

Me- hi

Alex- i didnt know you were in town?

Me- im leaving today for London again with my boyfriend. 

Alex- oh yeah i heard you were going out with that loser guy from one direction.

Me- um he isnt a loser and if anyone is a loser it it you

Alex- i know you want me 

Me- no i dont so piss of

Alex- and if i dont?

Me- call Zayn

i went to walk of but my wrist was grabbed and i was turned around. i was trying to get out of his grip but he was dragging me towards somewhere i remembered. his house. as he got through the door i relised he didnt live with anyone because he moved out ages ago. i was tied to a chair and the knots were so tight they were rubbing and cutting into my wrists. i started to get teary and realised my phone was in my hand. i pressed on the call button and called Zayn he answered and i screamed out help. as Alex left the room i couldnt bring my phone up to my ear so i told him the address. he dropped his phone and i knew he did because it landed on something hard and i heard running. 

another few minutes past with little love bites going around my neck and behind my ear. i was crying and he didnt stop. i was about to yell at him when i heard a door bell. f course before he left he kissed me but i refused it. 

Zayn's P.O.V

i rang the door bell and heard running towards the door a few seconds later. i swear if he touched her i would kill him. as the door opened i punched the guy that was there and ran around the house looking for her. once i saw her i ran and saw she was it tears. 

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