New Beginning.

i was being chased by someone that i new and then i find out that someone is so nice to me and helped me up. he is amazing and had hazel eyes. we met and then i stayed the night at his house. we got to know each other and things change in our lives.


6. Dinner

Zayn's P.O.V

i was happy that the baby had been adopted. we got back to having a normal life. she was beautiful the way that she had her hair flowing and her eyes sparkled every time she looked at me which was like every few seconds. 

Niall asked everyone if they wanted to go out for dinner tonight. sure, sure, sure, sounds good, ok, yes please!. well i think that it was official if that was all i herd. Kassia was amazing and had a smile on her face. she looked great even though she was just in one of my oversized shirts and undies. no one cared. i went back to our room to have a shower. i didnt feel like eating lunch. i heard the door open just after i closed it. Kassia walked in. 

Kassia- you ok?

Me- yea just having a shower. dont feel like eating. wanna join me?

Kassia- sure. 

a smile grew on her lips. our shower was huge and before i got in i put some music on. troublemaker came up by Olly Murs. she loved that song and i got into the shower. i saw her washing her hair and she had her back to me. i pulled her around to face me. she stepped back to wash the shampoo out of her hair. the water flowed right through her hair. she pulled me in this time and water was running over both of us. i felt her soft lips on mine. i wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her of the ground. she slipped her hands around my neck. 

i turned around and put her down so i was the only one in the shower. i closed my eyes  for 3 seconds and opened them to see Kassia standing there all innocent shivering. she was so small and cute. i pulled her in and hugged her. i rested me head on hers. 

Kassia's P.O.V

i was curled up in his arms. i wrapped my arms around his waist and reached for the taps. i turned of the hot and cold on. i stepped back and heard Zayn yell and me. i cracked up laughing. he looked at me and laughed. after he pushed me into it and i screamed. turned of the shower and stood there watching Zayn laugh. i crossed my arms and death stared him. awww baby you ok? he said and chuckled. 

i got out of the shower and wrapped up in a towel. Zayn grabbed a towel and quickly got dried. he put on some boxers and picked my up only in my towel. he carried me out into the lounge over his shoulder. i was screaming and yelling for him to put me down. i had laughter in my voice. i was placed on the couch and tickled but i tried to keep the towel on knowing everyone was just in the kitchen. i kissed him and slipped out of his grip. i ran upstairs and quickly put on some undies and a bra. 

Zayn- aww why do yu have to do that.

Me- because i can

Zayn- no you cant.

he had a giant grin on his face. i locked myself up in the bathroom and found a small container bucket type thing. i filled it up with ice cold water. i heard the bed like someone sat on it. i ran out and through the ice cold water on Zayn. 

Zayn- no you didnt

he got up and chased me down the stairs into the kitchen. HARRY SAVE ME!!!! i jumped in his arms and Zayn stopped. 

Zayn- drop her 

Harry- no i was told to save her.

Me- hahahaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahhaa

i messed his hair up just then and giggled. awwww baby you ok? i said. i was just tickled then in Harry's arms. Zayn stop i said laughing. " no you deserve it" was what Zayn replied with. Harry put me down once Zayn stopped and Zayn pulled me in for a kiss. he put me on the kitchen bench and i wrapped my legs around his waist. 

Zayn- i'll never hate or leave you baby. 

Me- neither will i.

i felt eyes on my and i looked at Louis. he was staring at me.

Louis- um Kassia you are really hot.

Zayn- heyheyhey back off she's mine.

Me- thankyou Louis.

Zayn's P.O.V

it was 3 days until Christmas and we planned to meet her parents. they didnt know about the pregnancy and we werent going to tell them. she was a normal size again already which is unusual but yea. she packed her bag and mine to. we were leaving tomorrow but coming back on Christmas to see the boys and Tash for Christmas. it was 4pm and i was getting ready to go out for dinner. Kassia was in the bathroom and she looked amazing. she had a short dark blue dress on and it was strapless her hair was straightened and i saw her about to put make up on. i ran and took it of her. 

me- no make up. you are beautiful without it. 

Kassia-  no im putting it on Zayn

Me- nope your not getting it back. 

i walked back out of the room and put the make up on a high shelf that she couldnt reach. she walked out and had the make up on that i took of there. 

Me- didnt i just take that of you?

Kassia- i have more than 1 lot of make up.

she did up the buttons on my jacket and fixed my tie. we walked down stairs and her little finger were locking in mine. we got downstairs and called a cab to go in. we called 2 cabs actually. we got there and ordered drinks. we ate and drank and laughed. we sat there for 2 hours at this restaurant and she looked beautiful and happy as she usually is. 

we got another cab and we were drunk. literally. as soon as we got home we drank some more and watched toy story.

She fell asleep and i carried her to bed.

Kassia's P.O.V

i woke up to look at Zayns clock. 5.37am. i have a huge headache and i slipped out of Zayns grip. i felt my stomach turning so i ran to the toilet. i through up and tears streamed down my face. soon i started crying. not because i was sad or scared but because it was horrible. i felt a hand on my back and my hair being pulled up into a ponytail. i sat on the floor. 

Zayn- do you want a shower?

i nodded and went to get up but stumbled over again. Zayn caught me. he undressed me for me to get in the shower. last time i was undressed was when i was 6. he was careful doing so. i got in the shower. 

Zayn- did you want some coffee, it helps?

Me- please.

i washed my hair and body. i vomited again but i washed down the drain because i was in the shower. i just sat there in the shower cross legged. Zayn walked in and said "awwwwww my poor baby girl have a hangover". he helped me up and wrapped a towel around me. i got dressed my self and came down for a coffee. we were going to be at my parents house tonight and it is now 6am. 

for the day Zayn and i sat of the couch and watched movies. when it was time to leave i got something more casual on and Zayn drove. we got there at 5pm and i was introducing my parents to Zayn. after dinner we went for a walk. just the 2 of us. it was cold and snowing. my fingers were cold. i filled his hands with mine. we kissed with the snow falling on our nose tips and we danced around with my hair getting wet. 

A few days passed and we decided to spend Christmas there. my family was coming over. Zayn always have a smile of his lips when we were together. my dad really liked Zayn and spent a lot of time with him when i was with mum. we we always in the same room and Zayn kept looking over at me. 

Zayn's P.O.V

we just finished dinner and went for another walk. we did every afternoon and always came back with wet feet. i sat in front of the fire place on the night before Christmas eve. also Louis birthday. she was in between my legs with her head in my stomach. she was tired and i could see it in her eyes. she was trying not to yawn.

Me- you wanna go to bed?

Kassia- im not tired and i like it here.

Me- you are tired and you need to go to bed. 

i started tickling her to start a tickle fight. she was screaming and laughing all at once. she was in the middle of the floor and i am tickling her so much that she had tears filling her eyes. joyful tears. she kissed me and snuck out of my grip. i chased her through the kitchen and her dad looked at me confused. she ran upstairs and she ran into the bathroom. she held the door handle trying to keep it closed but i opened it. i walked in and grabbed her waist picked her up and put her on the bench of the sink. i planted my lips on hers and slipped my tongue into her mouth. i pulled away and she just pulled my in so our noses were touching. her eyes sparkled and her smile on her lips could not compare to anyone else's. she went to bed and complained that she wasnt tired. i said you are and chuckled to myself.  i climbed in and wrapped my arms around her. she fell asleep.

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