New Beginning.

i was being chased by someone that i new and then i find out that someone is so nice to me and helped me up. he is amazing and had hazel eyes. we met and then i stayed the night at his house. we got to know each other and things change in our lives.


2. All Ends Well


Kassia's P.O.V


i look up into his eyes and he picks me up and takes me out of the room. i giggled. he puts me in the passengers seat of the car and drives of. i ask where we were going. he said to a secret location. i giggled again.


A little while later. he jumps out of the car and sprints around to open my door. he climbs in next to me and kisses me and he unbuckles my seat belt.


where are we? i asked


wait. next thing i know i have a blind fold on and i freak out. he pickes me up and starts walking. i ask if i can open and..


yes actually. Zayn said. Zayn took it of for me and i was shocked. he asked if i liked it and i say yes of course i love it. there was a lake and a waterfall on the other side. a small bridge led over the lake. we walked across with our fingers locked. Zayn took me and we went to a care behind the waterfall. there was a towl there and my bikini. i was made to put it on so i did. Zayn pulled me on the ground with me landing on him and then he kissed me. i looked in his eyes and giggled. as happy as i was i couldnt get over Britney. he through me through the waterfall and i landed in the deep deep lake. Zayn followed. he swam to me and kissed me. i was happy to be with him.


next thing i know he disappeared and i was scared. Zayn come out? you can choose what i wear and he came up bhind me. we swam to the shore and went back to our spot. i went to take of me bikini and Zayn came up behind me and grabbed my waist. i turn around and hug him. he brings out a dress and throws it on me. it was beautiful. i put it on and Zayn zips it up. he gives me aqua heels and i put them on. Zayn was still taller than me, he was very tall beside me. i put my things in my bag and Zayn does the same. he picked me up and put me in the car and then locked it. he disappeared and came back in a suit. i wondered why we were dressed up. he said because everyone is meeting up at a fancy restaurant.


i smiled and he said Britney and Tash are there to. i kissed him and said im ready. gasping and we left. i did my hair and make up in the car. parts of my hair was pulled back into a twist. we got to the restaurant and it was amazing. everyone was there and this was just to all catch up.


Zayn made a toast saying. to Britney, we are so glad that you are okay and that you are here with everyone else. he finished and we all ate.


A little while Later.


i was in the car and it was late. like very late. we were still half an hour away from home and i fell asleep. only because it was like 2am in the morning. Zayn was driving and holding my hand. Natasha and Niall were in the back and Tash was asleep n Niall.


by the time we got home i was being carried in by Zayn. he put me into bed and took of my shoes. i couldnt sleep like this so i got changed my self while Zayn was having a shower then i crawled back into bed. Zayn got out of the shower and got ready for bed. Zayn came into bed and wrapped his arms around me and then pulled me really close. after i fell asleep.


i woke up to find myself alone and i herd the shower running so i got undressed and jumped in. Zayn was standing there in the shower washing conditioner out of his hair so i helped him. then we fell into a hug. my legs were wrapped around his legs. next thing you know he puts me under the water and slowly lets me go. i got out of the shower and got ready for the day. i was wearing short shorts and a short shirt above my belly button. and vans. Zayn came out and said hey i thought i was picking your cloths. i went outside to find breaky made for us. i ate it and went for a walk.


Zayn ran up behind me and hugged me. i giggled and told him i love him. i love you to baby cake. i giggled and blushed. 


we got back to the house and we sat on the couch with the boys and watched toy story. i was sitting on Zayns lap with him stroking through my long brown hair. i was playing with his other hand. 

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