New Beginning.

i was being chased by someone that i new and then i find out that someone is so nice to me and helped me up. he is amazing and had hazel eyes. we met and then i stayed the night at his house. we got to know each other and things change in our lives.


5. After the concert.

Kassia's P.O.V

it was after the concert and the crowd was going wild. we were waiting there on stage for a while. the boys were amazing. the boys sung another few songs and we went back stage to sign autographs. Natasha and i were outside the door waiting until it was done. there were a few more people in line. we went and stood with the boys also we had to sign a few autographs to. i went out to get a drink in Zayns dressing room. i came back into the auditioning room and i saw Zayn holding my x-boyfriend up against the wall. his name was Josh. 

Josh- hey look your little slut walked in!

Zayn- dont talk about her again or say a word about her or i will personally kill you. 

i looked at Niall and ask what was going on and he said to not worry about it. i walked up to Zayn and he told me to stay back. i didnt and Zayn let go of Josh. As i turned around Zayn went to take me back to Niall but Josh grabbed my arm. i struggled to get out of the grip but i couldnt. Zayn went to punch him in the face but Josh threatened to cut me. he stopped and i saw that he was shaking really bad. my eyes started to water and i couldnt get free out of his grip. 

Me- let go of me!!!

Zayn- let go or i will....

Josh- shut up. know you are going to do as i say or i will not let her go. 

Zayn- fine. 

Josh- you are going to walk out of this room for 5 minutes. all of you are so i can talk to missy over here. 

Zayn whispered in his ear "dont touch her or i will punch you in the face". they all walked out of the room and Josh yelled "close the door please!. 

the door was closed. 

Josh- so you dump me and move onto Zayn. 

Me- no i ran away from you because you were abusing me.

Josh- dont give me that crap. i was punishing you for arguing with me. 

Me- yea and Zayn found me and this is the happiest i have ever been. 

Josh grabbed my hand and ran the knife through it. there was this big long cut that was really deep. i screamed and Zayn came bursting through the door. i was about the fall onto the floor but Zayn pulled me up onto my feet and placed me into Niall's arms. Natasha was  pulling my hair out of my face. 

I looked over at Zayn to see that he was holding Josh up onto the wall. Josh still had his knife and i saw that he was going to hurt Zayn real bad and Josh had a huge grin on his face. he stabbed Zayns arm and Zayn fell to the ground. i was trying t get out of Nialls grip and saw Louis and Liam running up to him. they grabbed the knife and took him to security at the door. Niall let go of me and i ran to Zayn in tears. he pulled me into a kiss and then the ambulance came through the door and helped him to his feet. they asked who was the closest relative to him and Niall said that i was. i went in the ambulance with him. i held his hand and everyone else was following us. 

we got there and i had to stay out of the room. we got good new and bad news. i asked what the bad news was. the nurse said that he had to stay over night. she gave me the god news that he was going to be ok. we went in and i sat next to him. i asked if i could stay the night and she agreed. that night the other car was dropped of to us and we stayed there. the boys and Tash went home. i was sitting on a chair next to him and was holding his hand the whole night. i finally got t sleep at 1am. 

i woke up at 9am to find Zayn not in the bed. i looked around the room to see he didnt have a shirt on and was getting ready to leave. i saw my hand was bandaged up and looked back at Zayn. he saw me awake and grabbed his shirt. he came over to me and kissed my head. 

Zayn- morning beautiful.

Me- morning. 

Zayn- you ok?

Me- yea what about you?

Zayn- yea. do you want me to drive home. 

Me- only if you want.

he nodded and we left. we got to the car and drove home. as we walked through the door i saw Shoshanna there. i was happy to see everyone there. i sat on the couch to see i that my stomach was increasing. i new i was pregnant and i had morning sickness every morning. the baby was due in another 5-6 weeks. Zayn came and sat next to me. i fell asleep on his lap when he was putting a new bandage on my cut on my hand. he was stroking my hair and after a while he put a pillow under my head and walked into the kitchen. 

Zayns P.O.V

i left her asleep there and walked into the kitchen. i put my hands into my head and sighed. 

Shoshanna- you alright?

Me- yeah im fine.

Shoshanna- tell me the truth. 

Me- fine. i have messed up her life ever since i came into it. i got her pregnant. she got hurt by another person because i cant sit there with her. 

Shoshanna- i was talking to her the other day and she said she has been the happiest she has ever been in a long time when she met you. 

i smiled and looked at her. she looked so calm. i walked over and picked her up to take her to bed. my arm was saw but she was really light. she woke up and she said that we should put the baby up for adoption. for she was only 16 and i thought about it. "only if your up for it". she replied "i dont really want a child and im not ready for it".

after i woke up and looked down at her. she was peaceful and if she had a child we would have less time for each other. it wasnt a bad idea and she is 16. i dont think she needs to look after a child yet. she woke up and we went to have breakfast. she told everyone and they all agreed it would be a good thing.


i was watching her lying in a hospital bed screaming. the child was early. finally i saw a baby girl in her arms. the nurse went and cleaned her. Kassia was just there being checked on and so was the baby. she was put up for adoption. we went home to everyone and sat on the couch. we went back to having a normal life. 

Kassia's P.O.V

time flew that night and soon i was in bed. lying in his arms. 

we woke up and at lunch got a call. already the hospital said that someone had adopted the baby already. i was shocked how early it was but i was releaved and Zayn was happy to. 


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