The World Around You

Niall Horan: international Irish popster.
Ryan RaHaye: American orphan living in the woods in London
Neither know about the other one, until a close accident brings them together. Can Niall handle this little girl? Is Ryan capable of her new "broher's" superstar status? Or will they crumble?


13. Ryan

I stepped out of the car, nervous considering the fact that I was now alone with five boys whom I didn't know. 

"Ryan," Niall said "This is where we live." I looked up. There was just a normal sized house. I had heard Harry and Zayn mention being in as famous band. I shouldn't have been eavesdropping, but dot forget, I haven't really been raised by anyone tiger than myself. I honestly expected to see a mansion surrounded by fans or something. 

"You live here?" I asked. Liam got out of the car and stood next to me.

"Yup." he said. "We all share this house."

"I like it." I stammered. "This place is huge!" Niall looked at me.

"It's not huge. We don't want huge. I've seen houses all over England twice this size." my eyes widened.

"It's huge to me."

""Really? How can you think this is huge?"

"My house is only about the size of your car." I blushed.

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