The World Around You

Niall Horan: international Irish popster.
Ryan RaHaye: American orphan living in the woods in London
Neither know about the other one, until a close accident brings them together. Can Niall handle this little girl? Is Ryan capable of her new "broher's" superstar status? Or will they crumble?


10. Ryan

I followed him to a black car. He opened the door, stuck his head in and said, "Guys, this is Ryan. She'll be with us tonight." He stepped back, and I sat down, stiff as a board. The car had four other boys in it,and the one closest to me smiled and scooted over to make room for me and Niall. "Ryan," Niall began, "this is Liam." the boy closest to me waved. He had a buzz-cut, and brown eyes. He seemed really nice. "Up in the front is Zayn." Niall continued, pointing to the boy in the drivers seat. He had jet-black hair, with a blode streak in the front the was done into a quiff. He turned around, and I saw that he also had brown eyes. "And next to Zayn is Harry." Harry turned around.

"Hi!" He said, grinning like an idiot. He had brown curly hair that flew all over the place, and bright green eyes. "Hi," I mumbled.

"And I'm Louis! The King of Stripes!" I heard a voice from the back, making us all jump. I turned around fast as lightning, to see a boy pop up from the very back seat, with his arms spread wide, his brown hair also in a quiff, and his green eyes full of sparkle.

"Oh, and that's Louis." Niall wispered to me.

"King Louis, that is! Now, bow down to me, peasants!"

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