The World Around You

Niall Horan: international Irish popster.
Ryan RaHaye: American orphan living in the woods in London
Neither know about the other one, until a close accident brings them together. Can Niall handle this little girl? Is Ryan capable of her new "broher's" superstar status? Or will they crumble?


12. Niall

"'Cause your math skills are terrible! Uh oh! Harry!" Louis half sang half shouted,
"It's really kind of pitiful." Harry mumbled.
"Well done, lads! One more time!" Louis hollered, beginning another song. Zayn chimed in, singing
"So come come on, you've got it wrong. To prove I'm right, I put it, in a so-o-ong!" I rolled my eyes a bit.
"We're here!" Louis jumped up. Harry leapt out of his seat and ran into the house.
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