The World Around You

Niall Horan: international Irish popster.
Ryan RaHaye: American orphan living in the woods in London
Neither know about the other one, until a close accident brings them together. Can Niall handle this little girl? Is Ryan capable of her new "broher's" superstar status? Or will they crumble?


3. Niall

I saw tht girl. The one who ran away just now. She had to run away for a reason. I shouldn't care, but for some strange reason, I do.

"Hey Liam," I said to the guy standing next to me, as the fans finally started to clear out,

"Hey, Liam."

"Yeh, mate?"

"Did you see that girl?"

"What girl?"

"The one who ran down that alley, just now."

"No, I didn't see her. Why are you asking, Niall?"

"I don't know. I just want to know why she ran away wen I looked at her."

"Maybe she thought you were ugly." Louis butted in.

"Louis!" shouted Liam.

"Fine! I'll go! Just remember, mate. If she's hot, she's mine."

"Louis Tomlinson!" Liam shouted, "I can't beleive you! Youre willing to cheat on your girlfriend for a hot date!"

"Okay! Okay! I take it back! I'll be with the boys for some coffee."

"You comin', Niall?" Liam asked.

"Nah. I wanna go look for the girl."

"Okay, mate. just be careful." Liam warned. I nodded and started off into the dark alley.

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