Me and Louis

Hi my name is Clara. I always wanted to married my teddys but that kind of changed as soon as I turned 18. My life changed when I met Louis. Was he going to be my teddy bear or would he just be a complete waste of time?


2. Mr Tomlinson

"I know," said Louis. The crowd started to chant "KISS SOME MORE, KISS SOME MORE, KISS SOME MORE!" I leaned forward and pursed my lips and closed my eyes. Louis did too. I felt his tongue slipping into my mouth after that I didn't know what happened. I woke up with no clothes on next to Louis. "Morning Beautiful," said Louis sleepily. "Morning," I said. He put his arm round mine and kissed me. We didn't stop til 2 hours later. I got up and scooted home. "Wait," Louis said. "As we get to know each other more we could each other more often," Louis said thoughtfully. "That would be great what about going to dinner tonight at Papas magical Pizza?" I said. "Yeah!" Louis said excitedly. I kissed him goodbye then went home. I got ready at home. I put my tightest dress on and my highest heels and put heaps of mascara, foundation, blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and spray tan on. I did my hair out and dyed in brown and it was blonde before. I turned up for the pizza. At first Louis didn't notice me because of my hair but then I told him it was me. "Wow you look amazingly stunning," Louis said.

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