Me and Louis

Hi my name is Clara. I always wanted to married my teddys but that kind of changed as soon as I turned 18. My life changed when I met Louis. Was he going to be my teddy bear or would he just be a complete waste of time?


3. Attraction

I couldn't believe it. I was dating Louis Tomlinson. I just was so happy I just wanted to tell the world but that was the big problem, I couldn't because Louis said so. He said fans would be jealous and that it's our secret but it doesn't really matter does it? It only matters to us and if Louis wants to do that I'll do that then. So I walked home and I remembered that I got the house to myself again. "Whoopee!" I thought to myself. I invited Lou over and he said yes but the boys were coming too. "They knew about our relationship I thought Louis said no one is going to find out" I mumbled to myself. That is what bugged me but then I remembered no to fans but still I was disappointed in him for not telling me. Louis came over. "Hey beautiful," "What????" I asked. I was too busy looking at Harry. His perfect curls, His smile and His looks. "I said Hi," Chuckled Louis. "Oh Hi Lou," I said smirking at Harry. "So let me introduce you to the boys," Louis said. "Ok," I agreed. "Well this Harry, this is Niall, this is Liam, this Zayn and this is me," laughed Louis. "Hi Harry, Hi Niall, Hi Liam, Hi Zayn and Hi Boo-Bear," I laughed. I pecked Louis on the cheek. It was hard not to look at the one and only Harry Styles who I have 100 percent feelings for him and I only have like 0 percent feelings for Louis but I don't want to hurt his feelings so I better just keep it to myself. "So Clara can I show you something?" Asked Harry. "Sure," I said excitedly. We went upstairs hand in hand and he told me that he has feelings for me. "I do too," I said.

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