Me and Louis

Hi my name is Clara. I always wanted to married my teddys but that kind of changed as soon as I turned 18. My life changed when I met Louis. Was he going to be my teddy bear or would he just be a complete waste of time?


1. My birthday

So it was a special morning. My birthday of course. I woke up having to find me home alone. Mum at work and Dad on a business trip. I never got celebrate my birthday, Mum always thought partys got you mucked up in the head and Dad thought they were for little kids. Everybody has partys I tell them but they don't listen. So I got out of my PJ's and got into a lace dress. I put my black high heels on and decided to cruise around town. I got a text from Mum saying hey honey happy birthday 2 u staying at caleb's (mums boyfriend) 2night and the next so u will have 2 be home alone luv mum. Why don't I ever, ever have a night with Mum or Dad? I got out of the house and caught a ride with some random person and they dropped me off in town. I gave them five bucks, "Thanks girly," he said. "No worry's," I wondered off in town by myself until I bumped into Louis Tomlinson. "I'm so-," "I'm sorry that was my fault I should've been looking," said Louis. "No it was me," I said. "No me and I don't want to get in a fight all about who it was and who it wasn't," Louis said. "Sorry to ask this but are you in a band called One Direction?" I asked. "Yes." "Are you Louis Tomlinson?" I hesitated. "Yes I am," Louis said starting to grin. "OMG!" I screamed "Sorry." "That's alright," said Louis. "Phew, I'm going to get a drink of water," I said. "No have mine!" Said Louis. "Are you sure?" I asked slowly. "Yeah fine," Louis said willingly. "Thanks you're wonderful!" I said excitedly. Louis asked "Do you want to walk around town together?" "Sure that will be superb thankyou," I said. After cruising around town for a couple of hours we went to a night club. There was a truth or dare game going on so we decided to join in. "I'll start," Said this random girl. "Ok I dare Louis Tomlinson to kiss the person your right for 30 seconds." I was on his right. He kissed me for 30 seconds. "There that was easy," He chuckled. "That was magical," I said.

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